Tuesday December 10th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: wounds.

Had a pretty up and down night at bowling. As in my first game was up, and then things went down. But at least my first game was more up than my last game was down, so my average on the season ticked up a point.

Oh, the prompt? There were several pin tangles tonight that I had to go to the back to fix - I even caused one myself. It's pretty awkward behind the scenes (it's really a bad fall just waiting to happen) and I managed to ding myself up twice. The first time I caught my shin on one of the bars as I was stepping down to untangle things, the second time I lost my balance and threw my left hand up to catch myself.

All I ended up catching was the back of my hand on a corner of something hard. Well, and my balance I guess, since I didn't actually fall down.

Hopefully not too sore tomorrow from all the fun.

In other news: since I'm not getting around to emailing him tonight, I'm using this space to direct Greg's attention over here.


Though there is no blood
staining my clothes, my heart is
wounded all the same.

*     *     *

Emotional scars
litter my psyche; Doctor
Fraud was a bad choice.


Greg said...

I realise that on an earlier comment now I meant that your average will be increasing soon, not dropping. I'm more used to sports where the lower the score the better the performance :) Blame the gambling industry for that one.
That sounds like a bit of a rough evening for you, which is not how I'd imagined describing ten-pin bowling ever :) I hope that all these contusions heal quickly and painlessly for you.
I think I prefer your second haiku this week for the mention of the inunderestimable Dr. Fraud, though I fear he'll be suing you for libel if he ever sees that ;-) I like the first one a lot too though.

We sharpen the knives
Our ancestors bequeathed to
Us. Each slip cuts deep.

No cloth to staunch wounds;
Dirt and moss bound with cobwebs
Suffice. Many will die.

Heh, it turns out there are enough letters in wounds for an acrostic again!

And on a final note, I shall be paying a visit to How the West was won this evening and adding a page then! Or possibly a comment saying that I approve of your annual schedule for additions and to watch this space in 2014 :-P

Marc said...

Greg - ah, I see. No worries about the confusion :)

It's five pin, actually. But yeah, I wouldn't expect those injuries regardless of the number of pins!

Ah, an excellent way to sneak in another acrostic. Consider me impressed, and slightly favoring your second.

Bah, I was just making sure you'd read my entry, as it could easily have hidden beneath all that dust and clutter, not goading you to write one of your own! But I'm glad that you did, and perhaps we'll build enough momentum to finish the story sometime reasonably soon.

Don't look at me like that. My definition of 'reasonably' is not entirely broken.