Wednesday December 25th, 2013

The exercise:

The 2013 edition of the Christmas week countdown concludes with writing that begins: Have yourself a merry little Christmas


Have yourself a
Merry little Christmas,
With loved ones and
Dearest friends close at hand.

May Santa Claus
Bring you the gifts you need,
And maybe one
Or two that are more grand.

Let the spirit
Of the holidays in;
Take a moment
Or three to soak it up.

And may dinner
Find plenty of food tabled,
And the finest
Drinks swirling in your cup.


Greg said...

There's a very nice sentiment in that poem, and I hope that your Christmas was a suitable reflection of it! I spent mine surrounded by puppies, who are thoroughly adorable and, when they're not chewing everything in sight, are everything you could want at Christmas :) Although I think their mother is starting to think that they're old enough to go out and find a job....

Merry Christmas
Have yourself a merry little Christmas hissed an unseen voice as Uruk hurried down another dungeon corridor. He forwent opening doors (they looked like cell doors, but people used the oddest places for storage in his experience) as he hurried past, just in case the Frost Dragon recovered its sense of musical taste and ate the odd spirit. He guessed it was some niche-species of banshee. But when the voice hissed, he'd just turned a corner, so he paused and looked for the owner of it.
"What on Midgaard is Christmas anyway?" he asked. The corridor he was now in – still earth-floors and rocky walls, still chilly with a hint of ice here and there – appeared empty, but then again someone had to have spoken.
"A celebration," hissed the voice.
"Are you sure? It sounds like a curse-word."
There was a pause; was some unseen spirit thinking? Uruk unsheathed his sword and stabbed experimentally where the voice appeared to be coming from. The first stab passed through open air, but the second lodged in something solid, and then an invisibility spell broke and a young woman in silk robes collapsed to the floor, blood spreading out from underneath her.
"Oh damn," she said weakly.
"Try, Oh Christmas!" said Uruk. "It sounds better."
"Oh Christmas!" she said, putting some vehemence into her words. "You've killed me!"
"I've cut your arm," said Uruk, looking her over. "Why were you invisible?"
"Uh, Frost Dragon? Duh!"
Uruk considered poking her with the sword until she apologised, but he got the idea she might actually prefer to leak to death than do that.
"Get up," he said. "You can tag along if you like."
He had no idea how easy it was to sell young women, but this one looked like she'd fetch a decent price if it was legal, or at least achievable.

Marc said...

Greg - hah, that sounds like a very nice Christmas :)

Also: eerily similar to mine :P

Hmm, an intriguing new addition to the adventure, just as it's ending! Her response to why she was invisible was particularly enjoyable.