Friday December 20th, 2013

The exercise:

The countdown to Christmas continues with Four Lines of Prose Friday requesting four lines, the first of which must begin with: I really can't stay

That would be the opening from Baby, It's Cold Outside.

We are safe and sound here in Calgary, where there is a whole lot of snow. Getting here was mostly good, as Max was awesome on his first plane ride. No real fussing, making friends, lots of laughs.

The worst part of the whole trip was the drive here from the airport, as it was getting late and he was tired and hungry and very much not wanting to be in a car seat. But we survived and he's settling in quite nicely.

Will try to share some pictures tomorrow.


I really can't stay hidden here for much longer. Crouched down like this for so long... I'm fairly certain my legs are about to atrophy. My thoughts are drifting, my focus is shifting like grains of sand in a desert tornado... wait, do deserts even get tornadoes?

But I don't dare move, not with Santa Claus due to arrive at any moment.


Greg said...

Well done on getting out to Calgary with Max! I hope your white Christmas is every bit as enjoyable as can be :)
I have no idea if deserts get tornadoes either, but it looks to me as though the arrival of Santa Claus will end that train of thought without a resolution! Great little piece, with some neat tension.

I really can't stay thought Uruk, as he finally noticed the snow behind him. He looked at the floor of the hall, the deep grooves across the length of it, and wondered what on earth could have caused it, but decided that the hall looked quiet enough. Even so, he sidled into the space and kept to the walls as he quickly and quietly edged his way around. He was at the last wall when he heard the sound of breathing approaching.

Marc said...

Greg - ah, I was hoping/figuring that you would know! That's all right, I can look it up myself at some point.

Some great details packed into four lines, with the ending leaving me anxious to read the next installment. Nicely done!