Friday December 6th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the challenger.

Had a reasonably productive day, mostly inside. I did brave the windy cold in order to get a load of firewood to the house, but I was not crazy enough to get a second.

Apparently it's going down to -14 overnight and tomorrow's high is supposed to be -13.

What the crap. It's not even officially winter yet.


"Seems like the promoter is having a more and more difficult time digging up a decent challenger for the champion to face each time out," the sports reporter from The Times observed as he glanced over the notes he'd jotted down during the fight.

"At this point I'm legitimately surprised he hasn't asked one of us to get in there," the writer from The Daily News said with a sad shake of his head.

"Oh, he's asked me all right," the first man replied, causing all heads in press row to turn his way. "But there's not enough money in the world for me to get in that cage with that friggin' bear."


Greg said...

"Officially" winter? December's always been part of Winter hasn't it? Certainly the seasons seem to have slipped slightly, so that Winter now seems to be taking up more of Jan, Feb and March rather than Dec, Jan, Feb, but I don't think it's been made "official" yet :-P
Heh, great story in just four lines! I like that reporter's can convey their banter so neatly as well!

The Challenger
"Well," said the Sandman sadly. "That's that I guess." He set down his sandbag – an old leather courier's satchel with 'adjustments' – and startled whistling tuneless. Winter had successfully challenged Summer for the seasons, and now He ruled the year.

David said...

"Eat your peas"
I stuff them in his mouth, knowing he'll thank me later.

Marc said...

Greg - first day of winter is Dec. 21st, so it officially is still fall. Ridiculous, right?

I like the description of satchel here. It has left me intrigued.

David - hah, yes. I imagine I'll be going up against a similar challenger before I know it.