Saturday December 14th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: warmth.

Work went pretty smoothly today, though I did, for the first time, have to kick a couple guys out of the gym shortly after closing. If I hadn't been working a booking in the bowling alley right up until five o'clock that probably wouldn't have been necessary.

By the way, the Canucks have now won seven in a row. Just thought I might as well keep the updates rolling, since I started it yesterday.

Also, Greg? A shutout in hockey is when you defeat your opponent without letting them score a goal against you. I figured that would be a term they use in football as well, so I didn't bother explaining it.


A north wind is blowing,
Howling at my door.
I wait by the fire
Until it is no more.


Greg said...

Football or American Football? "Soccer" isn't normally a high-scoring game for either side (unless we're talking about the Sunday amateurs with one team hung-over) so a side not scoring is pretty common and doesn't get a name. Come to think of it, even rugby doesn't have a name for one side not scoring during a match :)
I hope your gym-goers went quietly, as people who work out are probably harder to physically eject than non-weight-lifting folk!
Go Canucks, obviously :)
And that's a warming little poem by itself, nice work!

The warmth of his regard
Made Shanghai Suzie swoon,
But he left her for a barmaid...
So she swore she'd be his doom.

Marc said...

Greg - I meant European Football, but I see your point on that one. I guess hockey (goalie) and baseball (pitcher) are the two main sports that track that sort of thing.

Nicely done with your poem. The tie-in to our little western story is much appreciated :)