Friday December 27th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: mercy.

Feeling a little nervous about tomorrow morning's adventures, as Calgary is getting a severe and sudden dose of winter overnight. This afternoon it was 6 degrees out there; by the time we're supposed to leave for the airport it's going to be -20.

At least they are calling for the winds to have calmed down by then. Which is certainly a good thing, as I wouldn't expect too many planes to be taking off with gusts of 70 to 90 km/h going on.

Hopefully at worst we'll be delayed a little bit. As long as we're back home, safe and sound, by dinner tomorrow I won't complain too much.


The suitcase is full to bursting. Duffel bags, never meant to carry such loads, give grim protest against the contents of their innards. We have done our best, but it is not enough, more bags are needed.

Tomorrow we must throw ourselves on the mercy of the check-in staff, hoping that the combination of lingering Christmas spirit and a cute baby boy will save us from excess baggage charges.


Greg said...

Good luck with the planes! I guess Calgary must be used to the cold though, so hopefully it won't pose a major problem for them; like you say, the winds are probably a bigger issue!
And it sounds like you've managed to accumulate a fair bit of extra luggage while on holiday! I hope you get it all on the plane alright :)

The angel descended gracefully, from the sky to the ground where the shepherds lay, on wings of electromagnetic force. The shepherds looked over at him, and laughed.
"What are you supposed to be then?" one of them jeered.
"I'm the Angel Beg-me-now-for-mercy," said the Angel, drawing his divinely-sharp sword.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, we just had a little extra delay to de-ice the plane. Other than that, it was pretty smooth going.

Between books and clothes and toys it was certainly a challenge, but we managed to get everything home without incurring any extra charges.

Oh dear, I would not want a visit from that particular angel...