Saturday December 21st, 2013

The exercise:

Just because it's Four Line Poem Saturday, don't expect the countdown to Christmas to take a day off. Your first line will still begin with the opening line of a carol, in this case Silent Night.

So we're all starting with: Silent night, holy night

Here's a picture I took of Max this morning in the backyard:

He's not too sure about all this snow, but he does enjoy walking along the cleared sidewalks. I just have to carry him across the intersections, as well as any uneven bits on the sidewalks.

Though I don't always see those coming in time.

My parents are arriving tomorrow. I can't wait for them to see their grandson again.


Silent night, holey night.
All is calm, all is bright -
Which is why I like to
Practice golfing at night.


Greg said...

Aw, Max looks like you've planted him in the snow in that picture! And those gloves he's wearing look huge too :) I'd say he's in no danger of getting too cold no matter how much snow you've got.
Heh, your golfer definitely has the right idea! The best time to play is when no-one else is around.

Silent Night
Silent Night, Holy Night,
Uruk's had a dreadful fright,
There's a dragon in this hall,
Breathing frost and standing tall!

Marc said...

Greg - oh, they are huge. But at least they have a drawstring at the wrists that give us some hope of keeping them on him :P

A dungeon dragon! Most excellent :)