Thursday December 19th, 2013

The exercise:

Christmas Week, the 2013 version, continues today by requesting that you use the first line of White Christmas as your own. After that you get to take it from there, either in poetry or prose.

As a reminder, in case you need it, the line goes a little something like: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

We're off to Calgary today to spend the holidays with my sister and her husband. My parents will be joining us on Sunday, at which point I don't expect to see Max again until it's time to come back to Osoyoos.

Speaking of the little man, this will be his very first plane ride. Fingers and toes and all that crossed in the hopes that it is a good one. At least it's only an hour from Kelowna to Calgary, so even if it's rough it won't be excessively long.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: this is a scheduled post, written Wednesday night. I should be back live on Friday.


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

"All of the indications we're seeing now are pointing toward snow beginning to fall on the 22nd of December..."

Yes! Perfect!

"... and continuing to whiten our lives, without a single break, until well after the big day!"

Okay, that seems a little much.

"All told, we can expect approximately five feet of snow between now and Christmas."

Um... maybe not quite that white.


Greg said...

Good luck with the plane trip! Is it one of those little planes that seats only about 40 people? Also: check your email :)
Heh, five feet of snow! Though I guess that's considered normal in Canada, given that I saw a good two feet when I was in ALC in December and everyone was acting like it hadn't snowed at all :)

White Christmas
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.... The words floated unbidden through Uruk's head, and he immediately stopped and drew his sword. He swung experimentally through the air and around himself with the sword, hunting for whatever invisible sprite, spook or sparkle was trying to control his thoughts. The sword met with no resistance, and though he flailed it around for a little longer, he finally accepted that he was (relatively) safe and resheathed it.
He noticed, with slight surprise that it seemed to be colder than before. He was expecting the surface to be cooler than the dungeon simply because the ground was a good insulator, but this was definitely colder than he was expecting it to be. He edged around the next corner cautiously, wondering what kind of weather conditions were coming up, and found that the dungeon had once again opened out into a room of some kind. The dungeon had clearly been dug by claustrophobic dwarves. But all across the floor was something that gave him pause for thought. It looked as though it had been ploughed up.

Marc said...

Greg - maybe more in the range of 70 to 80 seats? Something like that.

I did read that email, by the way. I need to make time to respond to it... and soon, considering January arrives tomorrow!

Wonderful descriptions in the opening that really painted a picture in my head. Uruk has certainly found himself an interesting dungeon to explore :)