Saturday December 28th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: strangers.

Well, we managed to get to the airport safely early this morning and our flight was only delayed about half an hour. We had a little grocery shop in Kelowna and headed for home, with Max doing really well the whole trip.

And, since we arrived with plenty of time to spare for dinner, I have no complaints.

Good lord am I ever behind on comments. I hope to start rectifying that tomorrow.


Like a ship in the night,
I pass, safely out of sight.
But they're easily seen,
Careless, like I've never been.


Greg said...

Well done on the trip back, it sounds like it was no more trouble than we hope a flight will be :) And being back in plenty of time for dinner is definitely a good thing!
I spent the morning at the vet, who was very pleased with the puppies and gave them all a clean bill of health. I'm not sure how other people look after their dogs but he seemed extremely pleased to see how well they were doing and even slightly surprised that they're all so healthy. But it looks like we're doing things right!
Great little poem, I really like the last line in particular :)

Away in a manger, here comes a stranger,
Is the little lord Jesus asleep in his bed?
Perimeter gunfire, caught in the crossfire,
This nativity's Jesus is sadly quite dead.

[Miss Snippet sighed and dropped the script in the bin. Next year's nativity play would have to be not set in the Prohibition era, she decided.]

Marc said...

Greg - hurray for proper puppy care! :)

Hah, oh my goodness. That would be quite the play indeed. It would certainly garner some press!