Wednesday December 11th, 2013

The exercise:

Write about: slipping.

Took Max to Strong Start this morning and found it rather overwhelming with all the kids there. I guess library day is a popular time to show up, as there's usually not nearly that number of bodies moving around.

Max enjoyed himself as usual, though I think he found it a bit much as well.

We're going to be heading to Calgary for Christmas this year to spend it with my sister Sue and her husband. My parents will be meeting us there but unfortunately my sister Nicky won't be joining us. We're flying out next Thursday which just seems... much too soon.

Really need to finish getting ready for that.

Also: if anyone has any suggestions for a countdown to the big day this year, please do let me know.


His grip
Has loosened;
Steps in
To make him pay.
Too late,
He sees it,
And suddenly his
Is slipping away.


Greg said...

I'm not a fan of crowds either, so that doesn't sound like a very pleasant morning. Still, so long as Max was happy, that's the point of it!
I guess we'll be getting scheduled posts while you're in Calgary? I'm looking after puppies for Christmas, which I'm rather looking forward to. They'll be about seven weeks old at that point, so they should be running all over the place and exploring everywhere :)
That's a great poem; I like the stuttering rhythm it has that is suggestive of the lost Sanity already!

Veronica frowned. They didn't get many customers in their antiques shop, so she tended to be suspicious of any that came in.
"If you break that, I'll break your arms," she said. The customer looked up, startled, the pottery vase nearly slipping from her fingers.
"What?" she said, looking as startled as a rabbit in headlights.
"I said, we charge for breakages," said Veronica sweetly. She pulled a smile across her face like it hurt. "These are very valuable incipient antiques, so our policy has to be rigidly enforced."
"Oh, I see," said the customer. She looked at the vase. "It's a shame it doesn't come in blue," she said.
"Oh but it does! Reggie! I need a blue vase!" Veronica's voice was hearty and deep and carried through to the stockroom at the back of the shop. Moments later a petite woman appeared carrying the vase the customer was looking at, freshly painted blue.
"One blue vase, Ronnie," she said. "Hold it by the rim until it's dry."

Marc said...

Greg - there might be a scheduled post or two for travel days, otherwise I'm hoping I'll be able to find time to write while I'm there.

Heh, you make them sound a lot like Max. Not surprising though, since we compare him to a puppy quite a bit :P

That's quite the customer service! Not sure it's quite what was being sought, but you can hardly argue with the enthusiasm with which it was produced :)