Friday April 18th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the plateau.

Kat and I were able to work in the garden together this morning while her parents kept an eye on Max. It was a nice change from being out there by myself, and we got some good work done. We hadn't planned on transplanting all that lettuce that came back from last year, but I'm quite confident we'll put them to good use.

After thinking about doing it for... well, pretty much since we started the farm, we finally have a Facebook page for Prana Farm. Kat sat down and put it together last night while I was at work and we'll be adding content over the next little while.

At first we felt like we didn't really need it, and then we thought we didn't know enough people locally to make it worthwhile. Now, suddenly it seems, we have a lot of local contacts (thanks Max!) and with our intention to double the size of our box program this year it seemed like the time to do it.

Hopefully we'll keep it more up to date than the website.


The peace talks had begun so well, full of hope and promise and bathed in optimism. Progress was rampant, with concessions from both sides achieved with minimal bickering.

But then, as we all knew they inevitably would, things reached a plateau and suddenly every discussion point became a battleground.

And to this day our dog still refuses to talk to our cat.


Greg said...

You sound slightly more lively in your blogpost today, so I guess that help in the garden did make all the difference! You should still totally tell Max that puppies grow in well-weeded ground and then he wouldn't need babysitting while you garden :)
Lettuce is nice, but I suspect you're talking about more than a handful of heads here ;-)
And well... I like your plateau and the (inevitable?) outcome!

The plateau
Plateau's problem is to decide what the optimal shape of a soap-bubble is. You may think that physics has sorted it all out already, and that nature has found the best solution in her own, inimical way. But as mathematicians know, the optimal solution is sometimes utterly astonishing, and so it's always worth disbelieving those dismissive physicists who think they know it all.
The most suprising thing about Plateau's problem though, is that Plateau himself was blind.

Marc said...

Greg - that's a fine idea. Now we just have to work on his weed and plant identification skills... :P

Nice take on the prompt - I particularly enjoyed your third line :)

Oh and I don't want to jinx anything, so I'm just going to pretend that what's happening here is normal.

Well, it used to be normal. A long, long time ago...