Tuesday April 29th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: laughter.

Spent most of the morning raking out areas in the garden for our carrots and beets to be seeded, as well as for our onions, leeks, and shallots to be transplanted. Should get going with one or both of those tomorrow.

Kat and I also took turns potting up our tomato seedlings. It's so nice to be only doing enough for ourselves this year, instead of the insane number we have been doing in order to sell some at the market in previous seasons.


He wanders these halls,
laughter nipping at his heels;
should have worn his pants

*     *     *

In the silence he
thinks desperately, searching for
the key to her laugh


Greg said...

Have you changed your plan for what you're selling this year then? You've mentioned a change in tomatoes today, and there were hints that, had the pepper seedlings not been destroyed, their distribution might have changed as well. Either way, I'm glad not to hear more stories of cutworm predation!
I think I prefer your first haiku this week, though the second one is rather subtle and skillful.

You can't have slaughter
Without laughter. Ask any

Murder-clowns are fun
(on their days off). Today is
a full working day....

[Just in case anyone hasn't heard of the Animaniacs...]

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

it's most amusing
what shenanigans ensue
before a live mic.

the deadline drips, drips
closer. the strain cracks, and
I think of Tuscon.

alright, so they're not great, but at least it's something. I also wanted to share the thing that's been consuming some aspect of my life for quite some time.

Remember Mejaran? I took some of my part of it, toyed with it and tweaked it, and made some of it into a radio drama. Part 1 is up, and Parts 2 and 3 are going up in the next couple of days. But, yeah... seeing as this is where that story got started, I figured it was only fair to share with you lot. ^^

David said...

Painful convulsions
Bent over like i will die
Damn you is funny

The machine broke down
Audience could not fix it
Silence met Cosby

Marc said...

Greg - ah, thought I'd mentioned it already but I guess not. We're not planning on selling seedlings this year, focusing instead on the work in the garden that could get done this time of year - like earlier greens and all the other stuff we tend to fall behind on while taking care of all those seedlings.

So we won't be starting the market until strawberries hit, which should free up a whole lot of time.

I loved the Animaniacs back in the day. Some seriously brilliant comedy. So I have to go with your first as my fav this week :)

g2 - hello! Good to hear from you again :D

I'm looking forward to making time to listen to your radio drama, and I do hope to see a little more of you around these parts as well :)

David - ooh, two really good haiku this week. I was going to pick your first as my fav but then I read your second one again and now I can't decide.

Either way, very nicely done :)