Tuesday April 1st, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the gate.

Another warm spring day here, which allowed us to have our first lunch on the deck. Max was deeply distracted by a large truck up the street, but otherwise he ate most of his meal and seemed to enjoy being out there again.

Work this evening was uneventful and therefore passed quite slowly. That's all right though, as I'm now down to three or four shifts before I'm finished there in favour of working on our farm for the next three seasons.


Though my kind is not
welcome, I peer through the gates
while cursing my horns

*     *     *

Beyond the iron
birds sing, butterflies flutter...
and I've lost my key.


Greg said...

It sounds like Winter might have released you from his icy grip at last then! Just in time for April to soak you :-D
I think I like your first haiku better today, though the last line of the second does make me smile!

The gate
Pillars surmount me,
Old stone frames my majesty:
Root cellar doorway.

Tied closed with old string
Ancient guardian of death;
Lych-gate needs repair.

[Yay! I found a one word synonym to use as the Acrostic this time]

ivybennet said...

Stone, long forgotten
Metal gates creak with the wind’s
Shallow, haunting, breath.

Decorative and
Yet terrifying, it sits
In the woods untouched.

morganna said...

White pickets just like
All the other gates -- why am
I not purple?

I am a gate
Not a fence -- you can walk through
Without a head-bump.

Your correspondent said...

The morning glories
wrap the gate like lover’s legs.
Proceed at own risk.

Vanilla. Chocolate.
Strawberry. Butter pecan.
Ice cream! Gateway drugs!

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, pretty much :P

I can't get over your second one. Just... a world of stories to be told there :)

Ivybennet - two excellent haiku, I'm having trouble picking a favorite. Perhaps your first, but only slightly.

Morganna - hah, love the voice in your first. I can totally picture a disgruntled gate thinking that.

Your correspondent - really enjoyed how totally different your two haiku are. Makes it hard to pick a favorite, but my ice cream sweet tooth is arguing loudly in favor of the second one... so there we go :)