Saturday April 26th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem that has something to do with: smothering.

Kat and I brought Max into town this morning for another attempt at getting a haircut. We took him to a different hairstylist this time and she was really great with him. It also probably helped that we were both there with him.

And the end result was an actual, honest to goodness, complete haircut. He hasn't had one of those in far too long, and it's so nice to see him with a tidy do once more. And with very minimal fussing to boot.


She stood accused of murder,
Her method: smothering.
Proclaiming her innocence,
She called it mothering.


Greg said...

Well done on getting Max's haircut. Hopefully now it's been a good experience it'll be easier next time too!
Aspabroc looks nice (I looked it up, and was amused to see that the spell-checker on the site had replaced with Aspiration in one place) and sounds quite good, given that you can eat the stems as well. I did check Broccopea before posting, but I really didn't think the seed giants created their names like that!
Heh, I'm not sure that there is a big difference between mothering and smothering for some people! I think she should proclaim her innocence too :)

She said his love was a dead-man's love,
Draining the life from another.
He threw her out, naked and wild,
And said that she looked like her mother.

Marc said...

Greg - hmm, aspiration is not a bad name for a variety of Aspabroc...

That doesn't sound like a particularly happy relationship, so I guess it ended in a suitable manner!