Tuesday April 22nd, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: numbers.

My new team has swept its way into the second round of the playoffs, where Montreal shall await the winner of the Boston vs Detroit series. Hopefully the rest will do them some good and the rust won't be too bad when they eventually get back on the ice for their next meaningful game.

I finally managed to make time to file our taxes this morning. And by that I mean that it was raining pretty heavily for the first time in weeks, so I wasn't going to be doing any outside work anyway.

Regardless, it's good to have that one off my to-do list.


One plus one is two.
Two plus two is four. Wait, more?
But that's all I know...

*     *     *

A jumbled mess is
all I see; time to put on
a pot of coffee


Greg said...

Rusty ice-hockey players o_O I'm sure that makes sense somehow, but I'm not seeing it this morning :) Still, glad to hear that they're in the play-offs and you've got lots more excitement to come!
Also: well done on filing taxes. I confess to not really knowing what that means, but I think it must be like filling out a tax return here in the UK. Not having any additional income other than my job though I've not needed to do one for a few years now.
I think I like your second haiku better today, but that's because mathematicians are famously machines for turning coffee into theorems. Your first one makes me smile though :)

They take away pain,
Life wrapt in cotton wool clouds...
Comfortably numb.


he tells people he's looking
to find new numbers....

[Not exactly an acronym, but the first letters of the lines of the first haiku add, I hope, just a touch of sarcasm :)]

Marc said...

Greg - filing taxes for me means sending in a record (for both myself and Kat) of our earnings for the year, as well as charitable donations, school costs, medical expenses, and a whole host of other things. Pages and pages and pages of possible things to report.

The main thing for us is the farm, and since it is a cash based, self employed business, there's a lot of information to go through. Mostly though, we just need a better filing system :P

Ah yes, a nice touch indeed. That makes it my clear favorite this week :)