Thursday April 17th, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: the DJ.

Finished mulching the garlic this morning before heading to the gym for my second last shift there. It's getting to the point that I'd rather be spending that time in the garden; thankfully, as of next Thursday night, I'll be able to do just that.

I feel like there was something else I wanted to mention here. Ah well.


I'd like to make use of this little break in the music to wish my loyal listeners a good evening and...

Oh. Edward, my top-notch director, has kindly informed me that it is, in fact, morning. Good to know! I guess these sunglasses are darker than I had realized.

No matter! Good morning, dearest listeners. To make up for that minor miscue, the next round is on me! Right, Eddie?

What? It's not too early to start, Eddie! Loosen up, man!

Anyway. Once more: good morning to the best listeners in the world, and may each of you have the merriest of merry Christmases!

What now, Eddie? You're joking. Be serious man! Really?

Okay, dear listeners, apparently today is actually Good Friday...


Greg said...

While your posts about the gym were definitely more enthusiastic back at the start of Winter, it's clear why the mind-set has shifted now that we're hearing about the garlic mulching and... daffodil-bulb-munching... and... all those other farmer-type things :) But given the large amounts of manual labour there is on a farm, I can quite see how other jobs would be an unwelcome distraction.
Heh, I like your DJ (though I like his producer more!) and his months-long distraction. I particularly like how the severity of his mistakes ramps up nicely!

the DJ
" What's this?"
"A DJ dear. You said you wanted one for your little party this evening."
"PROM, mom. My PROM."
"Oh yes! Yes, of course. Well, there's your DJ."
"But mom, this is a... well, a rather smelly man. And, well, he's actually rather hairy too. And I don't know what he's wearing, but those colours clash. If I vomited that colour I'd take myself straight to the doctor."
"You don't actually have health insurance at the moment dear. Wait a couple of weeks if you can, but your dad and I decided new golf clubs were a higher priority this month."
"What? Well... but this man-"
"The DJ. He plays music and leches after the girls at your party-"
"PROM, mom!"
"Yes, quite."
"Mom, a DJ is a dinner jacket."
"...I'll see if Gardener will skin him and you can wear his hide as a poncho. Would that help?"

Marc said...

Greg - yes, all those farmer-type things are quite all consuming :)

Hah, that's a surprisingly... resourceful mother!