Saturday April 5th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: cops and robbers.

I took Kat to Terrafina this evening for her (slightly delayed) birthday dinner. We'd eaten there once before, last summer for lunch on the patio, so we knew to expect good food in a lovely setting. This time, however, we knew that Kat needed to avoid dairy, gluten, and soy for Max's sake, and they took excellent care of her in that regard.

I'd called yesterday to make the reservation and to double check that a couple of their gluten free options could also be made without dairy. I also wanted to see if they had a dessert that Kat could enjoy and, since they did, I booked us a table.

When we arrived tonight our waitress knew all about Kat's needs and was sure to point out which items on the menu would work, or could be made to work, for her. We were very impressed.

And we'll definitely be back.


The kids play cops and robbers
with their colourful toy guns.
Well, except for little Troy -
he's got himself a real one.


Mark said...

Apologies for being off topic but I'm so glad I found your blog. It seems rare to find someone posting on a regular basis. I hope I can contribute in the future :-)

Greg said...

@Mark: Hi Mark! Hope we see some of your writing too :)

@Marc: Terrafina sounds like a great restaurant with the care they're willing to take of their customers! Though making food without dairy, soy and gluten sounds like a plate of raw vegetables to me :)
Aw, I think you stole the punchline I was going to use. You did a great job with it though, and it'll do me good to have to think of another.

Cops and Robbers
Judy's being the cop this time,
And Michael's being the pimp
She's beaten him with the rubber hose
Until he's pale and limp.

Marc said...

Mark - no apologies needed, and I hope you find the time to contribute as well! I look forward to reading your work :)

Greg - you'd be surprised what can be done without those ingredients :P

Though I'll gladly admit a bit more effort and creativity is required to eat well without them.

Hah, well it looks like you managed to find another poem in a similar vein to mine :P