Tuesday April 8th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: pills.

Max and I took a trip to the recycling station at our local landfill this morning. To say that it was long overdue would be... a bit of an understatement. It's possible that one of the items was the cardboard box that his crib came in.


Anyway, there was barely enough room for everything in the car and I'm probably lucky that on the way there Max didn't open up one of the bags I had to stuff on either side of his seat. But we made it, everything was deposited where it belonged, and now we have a bit of breathing space in the basement.

This afternoon I did a little more seeding in the greenhouse, so now all of our peppers are on their way. Still terribly behind on pretty much everything farm related, but I'll get there.


A bottle full of
pills? No, a bottle full of
flight and forgetting.

*     *     *

Take two of these and
call me in the morning. But
I've been shot! Three times!


Greg said...

With all that recycling, I suppose I'm glad that you're not telling us that you almost recycled Max by mistake! Still, given how long winter's dragged on for for you I'm not surprised that the recycling built up a little.
Mmm, peppers sound nice :)
I think I like your second haiku better this week, although the sense of escape in the first one is rather appealing. However, I'm back out in Porto for work, so maybe I don't need the pills for that feeling at the moment....

This jumper pills and
bobbles, looking untidy.
Pass me the scissors.

I ate all your pills!
Now I'm dancing to the fax
machine's beep-beep-beep.

[For the first haiku this morning you may need to look at the second set of definitions for pill, here, meaning 9.] [Also, no acrostic, it's time for a change :)]

David said...

One will make me small
Two will make me really small
Give me the bottle

dude, what did you take
was it the blue one, red one
stay with me buddy

morganna said...

Morning pills -- half this,
Whole that, chew, swallow, gulp this.
Done 'til tomorrow.

Your correspondent said...

What a pill! I have
this teacher who wants me to
write about my sum—

Were it not for these
pills I take each day I know
flowers would not bloom

Marc said...

Greg - ah, a little sad to see the acrostic haiku departing, but I totally understand. In fact, I'm terribly impressed that you kept it up for so long!

Hah, love your second one. So much :)

David - your first brought a smile to my face, and I like that your second one is left all lowercase - adds to its effectiveness.

Morganna - that doesn't sound like a particularly pleasant morning routine, does it?

Your correspondent - enjoyed the alternate take on the prompt in your first one, while your second is wonderfully subtle.