Saturday April 19th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the wheel.

Osoyoos hosted our 20th annual Easter Eggstravaganza today, so I went into town with my family to check things out. The event itself was mostly lackluster, but that wasn't really the point.

The point? That was for Max to see a whole load of puppies and other little kids running around. He was also somewhat interested in the (very brief) parade down Main Street.

And oh yes, the wheel. The festival society was having a little fundraiser - you pay a quarter to spin their big wheel and you get to pick a prize out of whatever colored box you land on. I figured twenty-five cents was a good deal to let Max have a go and we picked him out a very nice sticker of a puppy wearing bunny ears.

While I was getting him back into the stroller the woman came over and gave him another one. Max was suitably pleased.


Tiny fingers
Send the wheel and hearts spinning,
And all the while
He's just grinning and grinning


Greg said...

No jinxing then, but it's certainly been noticed and gratitude sent your way :)
The churches round here all seem to be out in force for Easter, and I hope the rain that's forecast to start soon doesn't drench them all when they let out. It sounds like Max must have loved the puppies and general fun, even if it was a particularly big event :)
And I think the poem tells me exactly how much fun he had with the wheel!

The wheel
"This wheel of Gouda," the detective said,
"Is almost as big as her head.
Her skull is quite crushed, and so I believe,
this is the reason she's dead."

Marc said...

Greg - the thing that must not be named continues on for another day!

That seems like... a memorable way to go. Not sure it'd be my pick, but there are certainly worse ways to die :)