Tuesday August 25th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: owls.

I can actually see some of the lights on the other side of the lake this evening, so things must be a little less smokey out there. Hurray!

This morning's harvest went very quickly but I had no interest in lingering in the garden. So I got caught up on a few emails before taking my turn with Max. Kat took him to gym time at the community center this morning, which they're doing this week in order to give the kids of the town some indoor activity while this smoke limits outdoor playtime. Very thoughtful and very much appreciated (apparently it was very well attended).

Fingers crossed tomorrow will see the end of the worst of this crappy air quality we've been dealing with. Regardless, I am unlikely to take clean air for granted any time soon.


The wisest creatures
in the night seek their prey in
silent, soaring flight

*     *     *

Hidden in plain sight,
snowy owl awaits his prey
in a wintry field


morganna said...

Swooping silently
Through the dark sky, death on wings
Terror of rabbits.

Much loved by humans,
Wise Old Owl holds the meadow
Folk hostage by night.

Greg said...

@Morganna: I really, really like your second haiku this week. The first one is good, but the second one really delivers a punch in its last line that turns the whole thing around and makes you rethink what you're reading! Superb!

@Marc: It's good to hear that the smoke is settling at last (or drifting away? Settling I suspect, but it's probably good for the soil.) The gym time for Max does sound like a very good idea, I wonder if they'll keep it up, perhaps less often a week, if it's this popular?
I like your second haiku better this week as well, I think, because of the lovely, chilly, deceptive image it conjures up.

Smoke clouds summer sun:
People 'ate going outside,
All you 'ear is 'owls.

Owls harbinger death.
Four perch on autumn branches
Glaring down at me.

Marc said...

Morganna - fully agree with Greg, that second haiku is magnificent.

Greg - great imagery in both of yours this week. Hard to pick a favorite. Perhaps... hmm... the second, I think. Really like them both.

terfle said...

Animals travel
from all corners of forest
to hear his wisdom.

"Bah!" the Owl exclaims.
"Why do you assume I'm wise?
Owl -- not oracle!"

Marc said...

Terfle - hello and welcome to the blog!

Thanks for sharing these fun, connecting haiku with us. Personally, I think I'd want to hear what this particular owl has to say more than his supposedly wiser compatriots :D

I hope to see more writing from you here.