Friday September 22nd, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the liaison.

Took the boys to StrongStart this morning, then Max spent the afternoon with Kat's parents. Miles joined him after his nap, so I was able to get some rest.

I can feel myself losing the battle with sleep as I type this, so I best get on with the show.


You're confused, that's easy enough to tell. You know I hate my job, yet I do it so very well. You think there must be a story here, some wild and crazy tale.

But really, it's all because Henri has me in constant fear of revealing to the world his blackmail...


Greg said...

Well done on getting some rest! Grandparents appear to be a very valuable commodity :)
I've said before that I like your rhyming prose, and this is no exception. The mention on Henri, especially after him appearing recently as well, is icing on the cake. And I am very curious as to what blackmail Henri has on this poor chap....

The liaison
"Kiri A. Liaison?" The clerk forced a smile onto her thin-lipped face and looked at the man standing in front of her. "Isn't Kiri a girl's name, ignoring the fact that's you're claiming to be named after part of the Mass?"
The man smiled in a very unsettling way and put his hand into his jacket pocket.

[If you're curious and don't get the reference, this is what it's about.]

Marc said...

Greg - they are indeed. Very grateful to have Kat's parents so close by to help with the boys.

Thanks! Though I'm pretty sure I'd rather not know what sort of dirt Henri has on *anybody*...

And thank you for the reference link. I still would have enjoyed this without it, I'd just have been a little lost :)