Tuesday September 5th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: slivers.

Caught up on some of the comment backlog this morning. I'm getting there, slowly but (somewhat) surely.

Had a chiro appointment this afternoon, where I discovered that my chiropractor will be retiring at the end of the month. She's got a young couple getting ready to take over her practice though, so that's good. I've got one more appointment before she's done, then I'll be in their hands.

Just a few local orders to deal with tomorrow, so hopefully it won't be too hectic of a day.


A sliver of truth?
I'm certain that you left one
around here somewhere...

*     *     *

These invisible
wood daggers pepper my poor
fingers with fierce glee


Greg said...

I think you're more caught up on the comments than you have been in a few months, so you're doing well! You're even ahead of the Dream Kingdom prompt so you can pick that up whenever you're ready :)
Will you meet these new chiropractors before you end up (literally) in their hands?
I think I like your first haiku slightly better today though it's a tough choice. I really like the image the first one conjures, but the second one makes me laugh since I bought a rolling-pin (here in Kiev) recently as it was just a little rough in places and I did pull a splinter off it before I started using it.

Slivers of despair
Hurled at lonely souls break them
Apart in splinters

Recovery is
Dreadfully slow. Spring becomes
Summer... two years on.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, I haven't been within a week of catching up in... a very, very long time.

They were there at my last appointment, and one of them will be treating me at my next (while my soon to be former chiropractor there to supervise). So that's pretty ideal.

Nice acrostic, and the two haiku flow together very nicely. Impressed as well that you managed such a poignant tale while conforming to both the haiku format and the acrostic. Well done, sir!