Tuesday September 12th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: saints.

It's remarkable how much slower things have become in town so quickly. Even the washrooms at the main beach hardly need much attention.

This is a good thing, by the way. Kinda feels like my reward for getting through the summer months.

My niece Natalie turned six years old today. Had a little farm family get together at her place for dinner, which I managed to be not super late for thanks to an easy office cleaning to end my work day. Feels a bit strange to think that she's six already.

The again, Max isn't all that far away from turning five...


Pick a saint to pray
to? That's easy, Daddy! It's
Jolly Old Saint Nick!

*     *     *

His smile disguises
his guile but it's clear to me
that he is no saint


Greg said...

That seems like a nice reward for putting up with lobsters and impatient ladies and dead fish... hmm, that sentence doesn't seem like it should be describing cleaning washrooms, does it? And well done on making the party (almost) on time :) Time flies: clearly your boys will be teenagers by the time it feels like next year :-P
I think I like haiku number one better this week, as that's a very appropriate saint for praying too :) I bet the prayers aren't entirely selfless though....

Heaven's middle class --
Only souls are respected
Less, Saints get a pass.

In the Angels' ranks
Each command a host of Saints,
Ruling with steel fists.

Marc said...

Greg - hah, no it doesn't. Well, the impatient ladies fits just fine. The rest... well, just the variety needed to spice up the job! Or something.

Hmm, I feel like there's a story (or several) to be told revolving around your second haiku. And I would like to read it. Them. All of whatever you'd write about these angels and saints.