Saturday September 2nd, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about a: pit bull.

There was a little girl (like 1.5 years old, tops) running around by the washrooms at the main beach this morning. It really sounded like the parents, who were usually chasing after her, were calling her Pit Bull.

Like, "Get back here Pit Bull!"

And, "Where are you going Pit Bull?"

While I am fairly confident that wasn't what they were saying, I have been unable to figure out what her actual name is. So... writing prompt it is!

Town was very busy this afternoon, main beach in particular. Not sure I'm looking forward to seeing the results of all that busyness tomorrow morning.


I don't think she barks or bites -
She's just a little tyke!
Just wait till she gets hungry...
Or sleepy... or inexplicably angry...


Greg said...

I think her parents should have named her Pit Bull so she could be a rap artist when she grows up, but I wonder if, in fact, they called her Pebble? (Which ought to be a diminutive, shouldn't it? Robert -> Bob, Richard -> Dick, Cliff -> Pebble) Or -- and this is my second hope -- they called her Kibble without having a clue what it means :-D
I like how the rhythm of the poem vanishes completely in the last two lines as the worry draws in -- it's a very effective way of communicating what's happening! Great work!

Pit Bull
Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Vegas!
In this casino we invite you to make as
Much money as you think you can take!
The pit boss has pit bulls... and you look like steak....

Marc said...

Greg - Cliff -> Pebble? That... that might actually be genius.

Thanks for the kind words on mine :)

Speaking of genius, rhyming 'Vegas' with 'make as' might also qualify. Hot daaaaang. :D