Sunday September 3rd, 2017

The exercise:

Write about something that: beckons.

Washrooms were, rather unexpectedly, basically fine this morning. Quite a bit of litter in the parks, but that was manageable. Hopefully (fingers crossed) past the worst of things now.

Regardless, just one more day before my weekend commences.


The figure in the woods is not real. I know this. It can beckon me all it likes, it can move from shadow to shadow like a child doing a poor job of hide and seek. I still understand that it is not really there.

I say it with intention. Male and female does not apply to this... thing. It is sexless, just as it is ageless and nameless.

Well, it may have had a name, once. But that was long ago. I doubt it would recognize its given name if I were to call it out to it. Too much time has passed. I can feel how ancient this thing is. Just as I can sense that its intentions toward me are as dark as its current form. Without question, it wishes to do me harm.

I know all this, just as I know that it is not really out there, beckoning and moving and beckoning again.

I understand on a level which lurks far below my skin, deep beneath all conscious thought.

I know, and I understand, and yet I follow it anyway.


Greg said...

I'd take litter in the parks over dreadful washrooms every day I think! I'm with you in hoping that tomorrow is similar, but perhaps with less litter as well :)
Hmm, you did warn us that you were going to be writing a little more darkly with your current reading, and I think that's starting to show. Your characters often show an awareness of what they're doing that they're ignoring, and is this no exception: we are drawn along by the need to know why the character is doing this when it doesn't think it's a good idea itself, and it's very effective. I like how formless your beckoner is, and I'm intensely curious as to what it's leading towards....

"Lizzie, are you busy?"
"Well, a little, but I can put it aside for a moment." Lizzie looked up from where she was pouring a fine grey powder through a sieve into a glass preserving jar. "Mandy wants something with a hint of lemons, and so far all we've been able to find is ammonia."
Suzannah nodded, her lips pressed firmly together. Her eyes were looking in opposite directions as usual, so it was hard to tell what she was thinking. "Someone," she said. "They were people once, we owe them a little respect."
"They're ashes now," said Lizzie. "I don't respect chalk."
Suzannah's hands found her hips and while her face was directed at Lizzie her eyes were variously looking at the ceiling and the window. "You're picking up bad habits from her, Elizabeth," she said. "She beckons and you go running like a lap-dog. You need to think for yourself."
"You mean I should think like you," said Lizzie. "I do think for myself, thank-you. Beckons Bakery and Burnery was all my idea and my capital. You and Mandy are vital, I know that, but this business wouldn't exist if I didn't think for myself, thank-you very much."
"Cream-cakes and Cremains was a better name," said Suzannah. She dropped her hands. "Can you look over this missing-persons list? I think two of our recipes might be on here."
Lizzie set her jar down and walked over, smirking. "They're somebody and not something when I talk about them, but when you do they're recipes?" She picked up the list and scanned through it. "Hmm, I see what you mean. Do you think we should cancel the gluten-free cakes next week?"
"I think it might be wise," said Suzannah.
The door on the other side of the room opened and Amanda walked in, looking annoyed.
"Well girls," she said, dipping her finger in the bowl on Lizzie's table and tasting it, "oh! That's lemon! Perfect, Lizzie. But still, I got a response back from the Vegan society. They're refusing to answer our question on how long cremains have to be buried for before they count as minerals and are therefore vegan."

[These are the characters from here if you're curious.]

morganna said...

Beneath the every day bustle
Exists a happiness, a
Certain anticipation
Kissing the
Ordinary into something more.
Now becomes exciting with
Simple joy.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, me too. Litter is not that big a deal. Washrooms, on the other hand, can be very big deals...

Thanks! Yeah, this was definitely inspried by the book.

Wow! That is quite the throwback. I thought I recognized these characters but I couldn't place them until the link. Great, dark fun :D

Morganna - beautiful acrostic. I have missed these, and I'm so pleased to have you back and writing them :)