Tuesday September 19th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the pioneer.

I was cold for most of the day at work, even with a sweatshirt on over top of my longsleeve shirt. I am still getting accustomed to the fall weather.

Miles has had a fever for the last couple of days so Kat brought him to the hospital in Oliver to get him checked out late this afternoon. I joined them after I got off work, by which time they'd already been waiting an hour in emergency and Miles was mostly feeling better. There would be another hour to wait before the doctor could see him, so of course he was basically back to normal by then.

He wants to check him for a bladder infection, just to be sure, but hopefully we're already out of the woods on this one.

Kat's dad had already gotten Max to sleep by the time I got home, so the only time I saw him awake today was when he woke up just before I left for work. Which is better than not at all, I suppose.

One more day and then weekend time.


He blazes trails with
no concern for direction -
he's not going back.

*     *     *

I will conquer this
wilderness and make it my
own... or die trying.


morganna said...

Tiny, crunchy bites
Fresh grown, untouched by slug
Until now. Yummy!

Greg said...

@Morganna: that's a great take on what a pioneer can be!

@Marc: I'm slightly astonished that you've gone from needing shorts to feel comfortable to needing a sweatshirt and a long-sleeved shirt in two days. What took your weather so long?!? (That's only half a joke; the UK is perfectly capable of being warm enough for shorts in the morning and cold enough to bring out the winter coats in the afternoon any month of the year).
I hope Miles continues to be better and that there's no bladder infection (though those things tend to be treatable with antibiotics so it's far from the worst situation to be in!) as that seems like rather too long to be sat around in a hospital waiting for attention.
I like your first haiku better this week as I feel like I've done that a few times myself. The light of burning bridges helps you see where you're going after all ;-)

The pioneer
She wants to be first:
Exploring distant planets,
Claiming brand new worlds,

One step ahead of
New-found glory-hounds. But she's
Disappointed now....

Marc said...

Morganna - hah, I agree with Greg, that is a fun take on the prompt :)

Greg - Miles seems to mostly be suffering through the effects of teething, so I don't think anything else that's too serious is going on for him.

'The light of burning bridges helps you see where you're going' is f'n fantastic, by the way.

I love how your acrostic ties into your haiku :D