Friday July 30th, 2010

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: sunflowers.

Note: this is a scheduled post. I'm a little busy getting ready for my wedding tomorrow.


Sunflowers are going to be playing a pretty major part in our wedding. We've got the driveway lined with about eight different varieties, they will be used for the centerpieces on the tables for the reception, they'll make up Kat's bouquet, and she'll be wearing one in her hair.

It was touch and go as to whether or not enough would be blooming in time for the big day, but thankfully the last week of heat has really brought them out.

I'll leave you with a few pictures (oh man, that is a weak fourth line - I must have other priorities at the moment...):


Heather said...

Marc- Sunflowers will always be my favorite flower. They frequently adorn my home throughout the summer. Thank you for the lovely images and trip down memory lane. As you will see, I am incapable of writing anything other than sentiment when it comes to this flower.

Wishing you a lovely day tomorrow!
There heavy heads take up large spaces on the borders of the memories buried deep in my mind. They appear much like they did around the yellow fields of hay and green fields of corn that inhabited my grandfather's farm. I see them swaying on the gentle breezes of hot summer days as I rock my child softly to sleep while entertaining guests in their slow dance. There yellow petals and deep red-brown centers promised me a safety and tranquility that I did not achieve until long after my grandfather died, his lands passed to suburban developers, and the sunflowers fled to my fields of memories.

Zhongming said...

While that young wild florets is swaying about,
I saw that tightly clustered golden yellow sunflower made a pact,
As it’s time to greet its mentor sunrise at east,
They promise never to welter again.

Greg said...

@Heather: Wow, I can completely see why sunflowers carry so much emotional memory for you! That's very evocative.

@Zhongming: That says a lot in just a few words. By the way, I think you might mean 'wilt' rather than 'welter' in the last line.

@Marc: All those sunflowers -- your wedding will be seriously bright and happy! And those are some beautiful pictures of said plant.


"Jerusalem artichokes," said Vince, staring out of the window. Dave, driving because Vince couldn't be trusted to get to the right destination, took his eyes off the road for the time it took to glance at him. "What?"
"Jerusalem artichokes belong to the sunflower family, Dave; we should totally throw them instead of confetti at this wedding."

Marc said...

Heather - I love that first line. So good.

Zhongming - great personification!

Greg - I was quite disappointed when Dave and Vince didn't show up at the wedding. Though I suppose it was to be expected, knowing those two :D