Monday July 26th, 2010

The exercise:

The word of the day is: repairs.

Finally going to Penticton tomorrow morning to get the car back. It'll be good to have it around again.

Five more sleeps!


I didn't see it coming,
I was totally unprepared;
The words have been spoken,
This damage can't be repaired.

No action can heal this wound,
No apology will do.
For this bitter betrayal,
I say goodbye to you.

There will be no second chances,
One was more than you deserved;
I'm walking away right now,
While my dignity's still preserved.


Greg said...

The car was repairable then? That's cool, I'm glad it didn't have to be written off. Penticton sounds like the name of a prison to me, but would you really take your car to a prison repair shop? Goodness knows what you'd come back with!


Dear Sir,
Thank-you for your invoice dated 27th July 2010. I have a few questions about it before I agree to pay, however:
1. I have never brought my wife in for repairs, and to my certain knowledge she does not possess a carburettor of any kind. The first three items in your invoice therefore require further explanation.
2. Kandy's Kane parlour appears to be a rather dubious strip joint in Penticton. Why is there a C$500 payment to said establishment on this invoice?
3. Why is "rear end shunt" in quotation marks, and why do you appear to be using it as a verb rather than a description of the accident?
4. My vehicle is a tractor; I have yet to find a model with a sunroof, so your charge for resealing it must be on the wrong invoice.

Thank-you for your consideration, and I look forward to receiving a corrected invoice soonest.

Yours sincerely,

Zhongming said...

I did a quick check on Penticton. And wow, it's a city in Okanagan Valley. I saw a picture in Wikipedia and about that Skaha lake. It's truely stunning. Nice place to be in.



Beyond repair,
Just like a dead man,
Lying in the ground,
Speaking his final words.

morganna said...

Oops, Mommy,
I didn't mean to tear your plant
I can fix it, really.
Can I have the tape?

Marc said...

Greg - probably a couple of convicts in the trunk, that's what :P

Number 3 made me laugh out loud :D

Zhongming - yeah, the drive up there is really beautiful (it's only an hour away). I'll have to take some pictures eventually.

Great take on the prompt!

Morganna - I hope that tape is duct tape! That stuff can fix anything.