Tuesday July 20th, 2010

The exercise:

Two Haiku about: the artist.

Had a cooler day today, relatively speaking. It still got up around 28 degrees but it was cloudy for most of the day so it felt quite nice.

The long range forecast is calling for similar weather for the wedding, which would be perfect. As long as it doesn't start flirting with 40 degrees I (and most of the guests, I imagine) will be happy.

Also: no rain.


His slender fingers
are his only paintbrushes -
his parents are cheap.

*     *     *

Puffing a cigar,
playing a weathered guitar,
one more fallen star.


Greg said...

28 is still a little hot for me, and we got 29 yesterday here in London (sigh); we seem to be in for a summer for once. I may have melted by the end of August.
Here's hoping that the rain stays away from the wedding though!
I like your first haiku best, though the second is very evocative. I can quite picture the guitarist.

The artist

He paints his pictures,
Starving, in a cold attic.
His parents are rich.


She mimes for money,
Scaring children and adults.
She feels so unclean

Zhongming said...

I like both of yours. :)


Writing beautiful words
that fit together
just like jigsaw puzzle


watching it across the screen
and felt emotionally hurt
when she dies

Zhongming said...

It should be scene instead of screen, my mistake :)

Marc said...

Greg - hah, nicely done with that first one :)

Zhongming - I really like your first one. Nicely done :)