Saturday July 24th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: bunnies.

A slower, but still good, market this morning. We didn't have much fruit to sell but we knew that going in, so it was actually pretty relaxing. And we managed to sell almost all of the veggies we brought, so that was good.

A week from right now I'll be a married man. I should probably get to work on the posts I'll have to schedule, which will probably end up being Friday to Tuesday or Wednesday.

Starting to get very, very excited :)


Candles and moonlight,
The whole neighborhood is flocking;
You know that tonight
The briar patch will be rocking.


Greg said...

I hadn't thought about it before, but I guess it's much easier to sell fruit than vegetables (at least in summer). I buy more vegetables than fruit though. And I now have my very own little chili pepper plant!

I was expecting a longer set of scheduled posts actually -- no technology-free honeymoon? ;-) Perhaps you could theme so each prompt starts with the next consecutive letter of the word Married?


Suzannah sits and loudly sobs,
Her rabbits are too quiet and grey.
Poor child! She doesn't realise
That dust bunnies never play.

Brunnhilde said...

It's great to read about your growing excitement, Greg. I'm celebrating a birthday this week (Thurs) so I'll be raising a toast to you and your bride-- and THE FUTURE! Hope you'll post pictures somewhere when they're ready.

She approaches my table, her rabbit ears bouncing
White cuffs on her wrists show off deeply tanned arms
She smiles at my order: a gin rickey with lime juice
Her cottontail waves, she returns to the bar

g-squared (g2) said...

A mean bunny should be jet black
but this one is white front to back
Except for the mouth, got some red on the snout
"We can't risk a frontal attack!"
Why yes, I am a fan of the Pythons, why do you ask?

And probably not my best limerick, but ah well. You have good days and off days, no?

Zhongming said...

My dedication to all bunnies. :)

To all cute little bunnies,
Remember happy forget sadness,
For life is so short,
Enjoy while the world is at peace.

Marc said...

Greg - well we tend to have more fruit to sell when we have it, and it goes for a higher price as well. But yeah, the tourists are all over the fruit - not so much the potatoes :)

We're just doing a mini-honeymoon, Monday to Wednesday. We'll be doing a longer honeymoon at a later date, when we're able to be away from the farm for a longer period.

Great poem. I have to admit I was afraid that her bunnies had died!

Brunnhilde - thanks very much. And I plan on many pictures finding their way here, as well as having an online album or two for the rest.

Also: happy birthday, in case I forget on Thursday! (I likely will)

Ah, I hadn't even thought of that kind of bunny when I threw up this prompt! Nicely done :D

g2 - haha, I loved those first two lines. And I'm all for Monty Python inspired works :)

Zhongming - ah, a lovely dedication it was, too :)