Friday July 9th, 2010

The exercise:

Is it four lines of prose Friday again already? Oh, it is. I see. Well then, here's your topic: stubborn.

All set for another market tomorrow morning. Should have more pictures to share when we get back.


The park was crowded that day, but all eyes were on a single individual. The woman at the picnic table next to us was sitting sipping a fancy drink that held at least three dangerously sharp umbrellas, apparently oblivious to being the center of attention.

Well, I suppose that's not entirely accurate.

The true source of our fascination were the three children passed out at her feet, who'd decided that they were going to hold their breath until she gave them their Frisbee back.


Greg said...

Enjoy the market! I hope you get there with no accidents and sell all of your produce quickly, so that you get the afternoon to wander around and see what else is there :)

You're doing a good job of your little misdirections at the moment -- is this leading up to a new style of writing for you? Planning your next novel? ;-)


"Oh bother," said Pooh, hands on his dumpy yellow hips, standing in the kitchen doorway. Eyeore humphed, continuing to eat from the large pan of fresh fruit that Pooh had been going to turn into jam.
"Well, call me Ted Bundy, but I'm not putting up with this," muttered Pooh, turning the burner under the pan on. "I'm making my jam even if I have to label it donkey-cherry."

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Gah... I remember I did something on here a long while back that would be good to sequel for this one... but I couldn't remember what it was or where it was.

Thank you for your tagging system. I managed to find it:

Anyway. Today's will act as a sequel to the one I linked up there.
- - - - - - - - - -
"Come on, you won't help me, not at all?"

She turned away, arms folded, with a slight hmph. "If I trusted you more, I might be more compliant, but since I don't, I'm not going to be; I don't especially care how 'singular' these traits are that you say I have, I'm still not convinced the process'll be pleasant."

"All right, if you say so," he sighed, reaching into a drawer and finishing under his breath, "but just because you don't trust me doesn't mean I can't investigate for myself, just means it's slightly more uncomfortable for you."
- - - - - - - - - -
There we go; hopefully I didn't stretch out my four lines too much. And even if I did, I maintain that I didn't. ^^

Heather said...

Marc- Fun as always. Nice redirection this time. I was caught up in the umbrella drink and its owner. I missed the kids. Well done.

Greg- I've never been a Pooh fan. I like him better now. Thank you.

G2- Fun read, even without the first portion. Perhaps another sequel sometime in the near future?

I spent the day basking in the glow of Shakespeare's words, heat clinging stubbornly to my skin, sending small cascades of sweat down my neck and breasts. Actors and actresses pranced around the stage in heavy make-up and heavier clothing, tongues spewing forth the Old English lines effortlessly. The canopy fluttered up and down, the thin veins reminding me of butterfly wings on the breeze. Everything was just 'as I liked it'.

Marc said...

Greg - well, we did get to go by where my accident happened, which was not the most comfortable thing ever. But thankfully there wasn't a repeat performance for Kat's sake.

Glad you're liking it. I think it's more a matter of my story telling needing an outlet than any longer term planning going on :)

Does that qualify as Pooh fan fiction? Either way, great stuff :D

g2 - I'm glad the labeling is of some use to someone beside myself :)

Oh, you stretched your four lines alright. Too much? Nah :D

Heather - thanks a bunch :)

A nice little take on the prompt. I'm growing quite familiar with stubborn heat :P

Brunnhilde said...

The rest of the kids were perfectly happy with the stale penny candy Dick had shoplifted from the old 5 & 10, but Francine was adamant. She crossed her six-year-old arms and scowled, stamping her foot on the sidewalk in front of the cinema so that her pigtails bounced violently.

“I want a salami sandwich on rye with mustard!”she yelled, “and I’m not watching any stupid Disney movie until I get one!” Dick tried to cajole her, eyeing the other adults nervously, but she jerked away from him and marched into the deli next door without looking back.

Marc said...

Brunnhilde - that's some great stuff in just four lines. I'm impressed with how much of two different characters you were able to reveal in that space - nicely done :)