Saturday July 3rd, 2010

The exercise:

Saturday is four line poem day. Here's the topic this week: prana.

We had an excellent market this morning, selling out of almost everything we brought. It was great to be back there, making a living from what we love doing. Here's a picture I managed to take right before the market started:


Breathe deeply,
Take in life.
Breathe slowly,
Take in peace.


Greg said...

When I saw the prompt word for today I was a little puzzled, as I've only heard of it in connection with Yoga. When I read the link page though, all was made clear, and of course then I saw it in the picture. It was Kat's idea, wasn't it? ;-)
It is a fantastic name for a farm though, just the kind of place I'd like my fruit and vegetables to come from. What are your shipping rates again?
I like your poem too, it fits well with yoga.


Located in the seven chakras
The breath of vital life permeates
My simple flesh, upholding it
And making it a temple for my soul.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

For some reason my internet absolutely refuses to open the link (it's actually refusing any wikipedia at the moment, not sure why), so instead of doing something proper based on what the word actually means, I'm gonna do a four-line poem on a similar sounding word.
- - - - -
There once was a piranha called Willy
With such crooked teeth he looked silly.
But as he despaired, he wasn't prepared
To be eaten by an angler named Milly.
- - - - -
I've never been great at limericks, but hey! It's practice, right?

... and no, I don't exactly have much time to do a month-long limerick thing, before you go getting any ideas, 'Loo.

Marc said...

Greg - I'm honestly not sure whose idea it was. I remember we were tossing around a lot of names and when this one came up it rose above the rest pretty quickly.

I'll get back to you about the shipping rates :P

Lovely little poem too, by the way.

g2 - I remember having that problem at work - trying to load any wikipedia page locked up my browser for a good ten minutes before it would load it. No idea why.

Nice alternative take on the prompt though! That was actually one of our concerns when choosing the name - are people going to think we're saying piranha? :)

Also: month of limericks! Month of limericks!