Sunday July 11th, 2010

The exercise:

The prompt today is: a wicked wind.

It's really howling out there right now; it was too much effort to come up with anything else.

We've decided to make Sunday our one complete day off each week and today was the first of those. We had lunch at the beach after a nice, relaxed morning, and I wandered around the orchard taking pictures after dinner. Nothing worth sharing, but it was good practice.

Back to the garden tomorrow morning!


This wind is playing tricks with me,
What it's saying just cannot be.
But it's so powerful up here...
Perhaps I'll just forget my fear.

Let me just spread my arms out wide,
To free the bird that lurks inside.
Now the wind shall lift me up high,
As I remember how to fly.

What is that ghastly, awful sound
I hear as I approach the ground?
Oh, I wish that I am dreaming,
For that racket is me, screaming.


Greg said...

Hmm, so you've gone from a job that was 9-5 five days a week to one that's six days a week and could run from sun-up to sun-down? I still think it sounds like fun though. The wind howling outside while you're inside in the warm sounds particularly appealing.

I'm coming to expect the little twists you're putting at the end of your writing now, and today's poem was no exception! I particularly like the second verse though, with the promise of the last line being set up to be dashed in the third verse. Nicely done!

A wicked wind

Cassandra, staring wild-eyed from the walls,
Screams her prophetic warnings to you all,
But none of you will listen,
None of you can hear,
Aeolus is approaching,
And a wicked wind draws near.

She shreds her clothes, tears them to tatters,
Beseeching you to hear what matters.
Her every word is stolen,
By the wicked wind's design,
Her voice is rudely silenced,
By powers most malign.

Aeolus has no knowing of what the Moirae have declared,
He's the keeper of the winds, their eternal shepherd,
The wicked wind howls,
And the walls are torn asunder,
Cassandra is now silenced,
Amidst the lightning and the thunder.

morganna said...

It came in the night
Howling and banging
We thought we were safe,
House closed tight -- when we awoke
Baby was gone.

shadowlight said...

Mine's a bit long,so I'll post the link rather than clog up your board. :o).

That was fun. Thanks for the prompt.

shadowlight said...


Yours made me smile. In some ways it's like a falling nightmare, but in others, it isn't. He's enjoying it too much for least until the end. Nice job. I enjoyed this.


Wow, very intense and tense. Poor Cassandra. She didn't really have a chance, no matter how hard she tried. I loved the cadence, it's very musical and a little haunting. Nice work. It was a pleasure.

shadowlight said...

Oh morgana,

Somehow I missed yours. I apologize. What a sad poem...and scary too. You capture the emotions well in just a few lines. Well done.

Marc said...

Greg - longer hours, but it sure doesn't seem like it :)

Also: naps during the afternoon are awesome.

Glad you liked mine, I'm rather fond of the second verse myself.

And... yours was awesome. It's been a while since you really let loose with one of your Greek mythology poems.

Morganna - I was not expecting that final line at all. Very nicely done!

Shadowlight - thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

I'll have to drop by and check yours out later, I have to run now. Poke me tomorrow if I haven't commented on it by then.

Heather said...

Marc- You commented too early. I've just gotten here and am already way behind. I count on your 1 or 2 am postings to be at 1 or 2 am.

Liked the poem quite a bit. As others have mentioned, the second verse is fabulous! It all works really, really well though.

For my haste, I apologize.
We watched it come with fascination. A waterfall of fluff to heavy to be supported by the sky poured over the ledge of wind and air. The current of clouds rushed at us while God's promise, the one void of all color except a sickly green, filled the earth and sky. Still, we stood, watching the wicked wind unleashed. The twisting and turning too surreal to be of danger. And so we were when it arrived, the winds picking each of us up in turn, tossing us like salad, effortlessly, through the air.

Brunnhilde said...

Huddled at the bus stop
Under a black umbrella line,
Mouths grimly set against the wet
Impossible to stay dry

She arrives under a yellow one
No galoshes, no slicker, no poncho
Bare feet in sandals, tiny red
Skirt floats above her thighs

The wind blows her cover and now we know
What else she forgot to wear in the rain.

shadowlight said...


Ooops! Tossed like salad, huh? Should have run...should have hid, LOL. Fun read.


Some vivid images and descriptions in this. Loved the umbrellas. Nice work.


Ok, I'll give you a poke if you haven't looked at mine by tomorrow. :o) Thanks.

Marc said...

Heather - I'm trying to get my posts done during the afternoon so that I don't have to squeeze them in before bed. Not so successful today, but I'll try again tomorrow!

Great images in yours, the 'waterfall of fluff...' line was excellent.

Brunnhilde - hahaha, great setup to a surprise ending. Great stuff :D

Shadowlight - ... *runs off to do as he'd promised*