Monday July 5th, 2010

The exercise:

Here's the prompt for today: the delivery.

And here's the view looking south from our outdoor living room, as promised yesterday:

The idea was born when we unloaded our couch while moving in and put it out there temporarily while we made space for it inside. Then when Kat's parents new couch and armchair arrived, we salvaged the old couch and loveseat and stuck them down there. The picture was taken while sitting on the loveseat; the chairs and table you see used to reside on our balcony in Vancouver.

I think they're much happier here.

I think it's pretty neat that I can see America from out there (the border is just over the nearest hill, around where the shadow starts).


"Have you been waiting long for the delivery?" The question was asked with gentle sympathy. The man had obviously been in his friend's position himself.

"Only a couple of hours," his companion replied, head hanging between sagging shoulders. "But it feels like weeks!"

"I know exactly how you feel - when ours was delayed by a day I thought I wouldn't make it! Worst twenty-four hours of my life. Can I do anything to help?"

"Thanks for the offer, but nothing can console me right now. This is bloody miserable. I'm almost regretting doing it."

"Don't talk crazy!" his friend said, sitting bolt upright in his shock. "Just hang in there buddy, your 60 inch flat screen TV will be here any minute now."


Greg said...

Wow, you really do live somewhere truly beautiful! I like being able to look out over London, but what you have is much more tranquil. I like the furniture too.

Nice little twist in the ending of your story there!

The delivery

The delivery note said that the contents of the crate were harmless, but Jodie, who'd held the note up to the light, tilting it and peering at it, finally decided that the h had been added later.
"The contents of the crate are armless," she decreed. Whatever else the contents of the crate were, they were also silent, so possibly voiceless.
"What does that even mean?" said Diana, waving her crowbar around menacingly. "Can I open this damn thing yet?"
"We should really wait fo--"
"We can't wait for Professor Septopus! At least, we can, but we'll be waiting a very long time. He's at a wedding somewhere, he looked ill every time he talked about it. Let's open the damn crate already!"
Jodie nodded reluctant acquiescence and Diana set about the crate with the crowbar and enthusiasm.
"Why armless?" she mused, mostly to herself, listening to the splintering and snapping of wood. "As opposed to... legless, maybe?"
Her eyes widened and she started to yell to Diana to stop, but it was too late. The delivery was spilling its contents of poisonous spiders all over the lab.

Eddie said...

Edward sat at his desk, tapping his feet. He glanced up at the clock and saw that only a minute had gone by since he last looked. This only made him more anxious. "It's still not here yet, is it?" His coworker was looking at him with an amused smirk.

"I hate this", replied Edward. He looked at the clock again. "The waiting drives me crazy!" Since he made his order yesterday, he had been anticipating his package's arrival today. Not being one to wait, he even paid a little extra for rush delivery. Edward took a deep breath and went on to the website where he could track his package. "Out on delivery", he read. "10 AM?!" It was now 2 in the afternoon.

"This can't be right. Something's wrong."

"Dude." Edward's coworker was laughing now. "Why are you getting this worked up over a game?"

"It's not the game. It's delivering it on time. It's the principle of it all!"

At that moment the UPS man walked into the office. Edward turned to him, wide-eyed, awaiting his name to be called. The man was carrying a small brown envelope, big enough to contain the game Edward had ordered. He held his breath as he saw the UPS man talk to girl at the front desk and she turned to point towards him. Heart racing, biting his lower lip in anticipation, he slowly stood up to receive the UPS man.

"Edward Cruz?"


"Package for you."

"Uh, thanks."

The UPS man made his way out of the office. Edward sat back down and placed his package gently next to him. All was right with the world once more.

Heather said...

Did you miss me?

Marc- What is it with men and their TVs? Seriously? Have you looked out your windows more than just to take a picture? Put the TV away and watch the Nature Channel instead!

Greg- For a long while, I thought you had abandoned your favorite character in this little piece. I was pleasantly surprised to see he was still very much present if not.... well, present. Nice change of pace though. Good circle.

Eddie- I so know people like that. One of my really good friends actually. You brought his mannerisms to mind easily.

Everyone was tired and sore for it had been a long cold night that offered little sleep. Still, they held their line, denying invaders the right to pass. Hope grew bright as the fire of desire burned in their hearts and the sun began to rise. Soon, the fabled truck would arrive carrying such precious cargo that their steadfast guard would be rewarded. The newest I-Phone would be delivered into their outstretched hand and they would praise it around the world. This would be a day of legend.

Marc said...

Greg - it's all about being happy where you are, I reckon :)

That was great fun - the contents of the crate are armless - what does that even mean? Hahaha.

Eddie - thanks for dropping by and sharing your take on the prompt!

I think you conveyed the tenseness of that scene perfectly. Very nicely done :)

Heather - absolutely!

And I'm quite happy to admit that I don't even own a TV anymore. We got rid of it before we moved here since it was getting so little use.

I have heard of people that line up for the latest and greatest gadgets. I find them fascinating.

The people, not the gadgets :)