Tuesday July 6th, 2010

The exercise:

Two Haiku Tuesday topic: accidents.

I was in a car accident this afternoon. It's a long story, but the basics are:

- It was the other driver's fault. Thankfully she admits this.
- I'm fine. I think she was shaken up more than I was. Probably because it was her fault.
- Our car's fineness is yet to be determined.


Everything can change
in the blink of an eye. Be
present. Be grateful.

*     *     *

The milk has been spilled.
Cry all you want but your tears
won't refill my glass.


Greg said...

Oh dear, I'm glad you're not hurt (or not badly hurt, I'm pretty certain you wouldn't blithely announce that you were fine if you were having to hold your arm on...), but that's still not pleasant. Car accidents are pretty shocking.
And I hope the car's not too badly damaged, or that the insurance will cover the costs at least. Now that you're out there in the picturesque countryside you probably need transport a lot more than you did in the city.

I like your second haiku best, but the first one is very, very true.


No-one is looking,
So it was always like that.
No accident now!


I didn't touch it,
It came out of nowhere, fast,
I saw it happen!

morganna said...

Oh my goodness, Marc,
I'm glad you're alright today
I hope your car is.

(Couldn't resist! :) Seriously, I hope your car is either okay or easily (read cheaply) fixable.)

Accidents happen
Life goes on, different now,
But it does go on.

I don't like the last line of the 2nd one, but it was the best I could do.

And, on a different note, I'm glad to see you back commenting on our comments, Marc. I guess your internet service improved.

Monica Manning said...

I'm so glad to hear you're ok!

I liked both your pieces, but the second one struck home.

* * *

some say accident
but you, my lovely daughter
were a nice surprise


a mistake you say
yet you continue to strike
sorry’s not enough

Marc said...

Greg - nope, I'm fine. Still not sure how, but I am.

And this is just further encouragement to keep my ass on the damn farm :)

I love your first haiku.

Morganna - well wishes in haiku form? Nice!

I don't know about 'improved', but I had seemed to figure out the correct angle to hold the laptop in order to catch that wireless signal :P

As of this afternoon though we have our own and it's great to have a fast, reliable connection again.

Monica - thanks very much :)

That second haiku is very powerful. Excellent work in only three lines.