Saturday July 10th, 2010

The exercise:

Four line poem topic this fine, smoking hot Saturday: aliens.

We had our best market ever this morning. In order of nearest to furthest away, here's a picture of the cherries, apricots (biggest seller - we brought about 180 pounds and almost sold out of them), plums, apples, potatoes, kohlrabi (inspiration for the prompt - they look like little alien spaceships... to me, at least), rhubarb, onions, parsley, and dill:

Also: apparently I'm getting married in three weeks. Woo hoo!


There are little green men
Knocking on my front door.
I've turned off all the lights
Since my bum is still sore.


Greg said...

Wow, that display is amazing, and the fruit looks so fresh and appetizing. I can quite see why you'd have have no trouble selling them. Apricots are not my personal favourite fruit, I think I'd have been buying the apples and cherries:)
Oh, and the Kohlrabi photo is great too, and they are a seriously weird-looking vegetable!

As for yesterday's prompt, definitely not Pooh fan-fic. I think you're supposed to like your characters for that, and I've always loathed Winnie the Pooh.
Your poem today made me smile.


Some say grey, some say green,
They come from places we've not been,
Like Mexico, and Uruguay.
We call them aliens, I wonder why?

Zhongming said...

Spaceship landed in the wild,
earthquake vibration to the ground.
Army of aliens marching out,
well equipped and ready for a war!

Brunnhilde said...

Aliens live in my hair and
Under my fingernails so small
Nobody knows they are there but
Me and now I’ve eaten them all.

shadowlight said...

What do you mean by four lines? Do you mean four actual lines or four sentences? I'm new here and want to make sure I get it right. (I've got something but it is four sentences, not, strictly speaking, four lines.)

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

My home is a long ways away
But in Andromeda I couldn't stay
So I made it to Eart(h) with a handy thumb jerk
But return there sometime I may.
- - - - - - - - - -
This prompt made me slightly nostalgic...
... sorry, what? Did I say that aloud? Erm, well... fardwocks, this is awkward... X)

Marc said...

Greg - I'll have to figure out a way to mail you some cherries next year then :)

How can you loathe Pooh? Did he steal your honey when you were little?

I liked your poem, I'm glad someone went with that definition of the prompt :)

Zhongming - I can picture that perfectly, nicely done in just four lines :)

Brunnhilde - haha, that's fantastic. I'm glad you found time to play catch up!

Shadowlight - hey, thanks for dropping by!

I guess my first answer has to be: there's no 'doing it right' here, just as much as there's no 'doing it wrong'. The idea is to just write and get some practice in :)

As far as what I'm aiming for with the four line poem prompt, the goal is just a poem with four lines. How you want to manage that is completely up to you.

And if you get super inspired and want to write a 50 line poem, who am I to tell you to stop at 4? I'm just here hoping to help people write :)

g2 - :D

Nicely done with the poem too! That third line made me smile.

shadowlight said...

Thanks for the welcome and for answering my question. I've stopped by this site a few times (I like it very much), but only now had the chance to participate. Here's my poem. The four lines wrapped around a bit, but they are meant to be four lines. :)

The Alien (3)
by Marlicia Fernandez (7-12-10)

Bright, flashing light chases darkness into hiding--out of sight.
Low rumbles fill the night--fading into nothing.
Tapping draws attention to the window-- golden eyes peer through the glass.
Moonlight glints off the oval head, alien in many ways and yet so strangely, achingly, familiar.

If you're interested you can see the original four liners here:

shadowlight said...


Your's made me laugh. Somehow I never think of aliens getting sore bums.


Definitely a different, more 'down to earth' take on the prompt. I really like it.


Wow! Scary aliens. :o)


LOL, how funny!


Hey, I think I remember you, from ficly? Aww...poor, lonely little alien. I really enjoyed this.

Marc said...

Shadowlight - not a problem at all, I'm glad you've found a chance to participate :)

That's a fantastic final line, too.

Also: g2 was definitely on ficly :)

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Shadowlight: yep, I'm on ficly.... my mind's been between writer's block and not thinking in 1024-character chunks. I hope to jump back in more soon!