Tuesday July 27th, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the scarecrow.

Inspired by a suggestion to create a scarecrow for our garden, made mostly in jest. I think.

The car came home today, three weeks after the accident, and looking just fine. It's good to look out the kitchen window and see it again.

Four more sleeps!


Full of yellow straw
and wearing my old shirt, the
scarecrow just scares me.

*     *     *

Sitting on my head,
the crows eat corn. I'm just not
much of a scarecrow.


Zhongming said...

Great idea! Scarecrow is a must-have especially if your garden is inviting unexpected guests. :)

Your haiku reminded me of how scary scarecrow can be. Great stuff! :)


Soulless scarecrow,
Unfazed at everything,
Unlike you and me.

Skinny little figure,
No heart no soul,
Still is frightening.

Brunnhilde said...

Only three more sleeps by the time you read these! How exciting.

Dorothy's first friend
A man with no brain yet smart
What a paradox

Birds eat ev'rything
Knowing you're not real, Scarecrow
Why aren't they brainless?

Greg said...

You should definitely make the scarecrow! You'll know when you've annoyed Kat then, because your photo will be pinned to the scarecrow's face....

@Zhongming: Your haikus convey your dislike for the scarecrows I think. It's too hard to choose between them to find a favourite!

@Brunnhilde: I definitely like your first haiku best, the wizard of Oz reference is superb.

@Marc: I like your second haiku best, though the incipient threat in the first one is a lovely piece of malevolent writing.

The scarecrow

I hid the money
In the scarecrow's straw stomach
He won't give it back.


My scarecrow's alive.
Each night, he tries to get in
The doors won't stop him.

Marc said...

Zhongming - thanks, I really like your second one :)

Brunnhilde - the days are absolutely just flying by.

I like both of yours, perhaps the second slightly more :)

Greg - yeah, that would be a pretty clear sign ;)

That second haiku is delightfully creepy!