Friday December 16th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the quiz.

I shan't link you to the website that inspired that prompt, as I'm afraid you'd never come back if I did. Well, maybe I'm just especially prone to getting addicted to silly quizzes and you'd all be fine. But I'm not taking that risk!

Tomorrow morning is the final, final market of the season. After this one, no more until spring. Hopefully it'll be a good one.


The professor glared at his students from behind his podium, daring them to provoke him with the smallest noise or movement. Satisfied that they were as volatile as statues, he began to speak.

"As you have struggled mightily with the concept of pens down at the end of my quizzes, I have provided you with your writing instruments today. You have twenty minutes to fill in your answers, at which point I strongly suggest you place your pens in the metal cans at your feet - for in precisely twenty minutes and one second from now they are set to explode."


Greg said...

Heh, but did you discover anything about yourself through these silly quizzes? Are you more Buffy than Twilight, for example? Is the pop-singer you're most like Lady Gaga?
Maybe we should leave little quiz questions in the comments for you!
I like the "volatile as statues" description, that's great!

The quiz
"You shall have fourteen minutes and thirty-two seconds, as measured by the dead-clock, to complete this quiz," said Myrilla Chinchilla, Gorillamumps's head of History. "You may use any reference materials you brought with you or can fetch inside the allotted time."
As the skeletal hands of the dead-clock started ticking, Nicky stared at the page in desperation, until finally inspiration stuck.
"Recipe Magistrum Mortadella," she confidently invoked, forgetting completely that this would pull the History Professor from his chair to her desk through whatever obstacles happened to be in the way....

Anonymous said...

marc, we wld never divert from dwp.
The Quizz

She bought a magazine from the newstand at the airport; it had quizzes in the back, enough to keep her occupied for the two hour journey south.
It soon became a habit, this quizz thing, an addiction of sorts.
Each week her coffee money was diverted to the Wednesday mag instead.
One day, months later, when she answered her mobile, the voice on the other end told her she’d one a tv!

Anonymous said...

it's late - that shld read 'won' not 'one'.
and ditto greg on that statue line!!

Marc said...

Greg - nah, it was more along the lines of 'can you name all the states in America in this amount of time'. Gets really frustrating when you get stuck and your mind goes blank.

Myrilla Chinchilla? That's awesome :D

Writebite - no worries, late night writing can be extra tricky :P

And I always approve of hobbies leading to unexpected rewards!