Friday December 2nd, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose that have something or other to do with: hands.

Kat and I went into town this evening to catch the (brief but still fun) Santa Claus parade. Haven't been to one of those in ages.


They are simple, rather ordinary hands. Wrinkled and slowed by the passing of years, but without noticeable scars or injury. Truly unremarkable in nearly every way, nothing to help them stand out from innumerable others.

But I don't need to see the wedding ring I placed on your finger to know they belong to you.


Greg said...

The parade sounds like a nice way to start December. All the Christmas lights seem to be out in London now, on some streets its hard to remember it's the evening already!
Those are four very thoughtful, caring lines :)

Charles Asciugimento, Head of Building Security, pointed at the small white placard mounted on a convenient pillar. There were lots of them now, all dotted around the building.
"Shoplifters will have their hands cut off," the hapless teenager read out loud. "You can't do that!"

writebite said...

youbmanage some amazing topics for prompts, marc, lovin' it!


I saw a pair of small prints set in concrete, reminding me of the day they were made, so many years ago. You’re all grown up now.
I saw a pair of dainty ones, gloved in white lace which matched your wedding gown, hiding the engagement solitaire underneath that awaited its companion.
I saw a pair making things: knitting, sewing, kneading the dough - the smells from the kitchen making my stomach growl in pleasurable waves of hunger.
I saw a pair lying in repose upon your chest, old, gnarled, wrinkled with the tales of time passing into death...
... Hands.

Marissa said...

Nice Writebite.

Marc said...

Greg - oh, hapless teenager, I do believe he can!

Writebite - thank you, I'm glad you're finding them useful :)

Agree with Marissa, that's some very nice work.

writebite said...


Cathryn Leigh said...

Our hands are treated like never before
never gnarled, but sometimes sore.
Even those who now work in the field,
protect their hands for it's feel.

Sort of came out after thinking about a passage in my wip book Phoenix Rising:
“You have a pretty face and clean hands Hopeful Smith. I hope you are not afraid to dirty yourself.” He stepped forward his face level with hers.

Even though Sarah Smith grew up on a farm and helped with the chores, we have so many lotions and anti aging creams that her hands could not have been nearly as gnarled as a farm hand working in the 1600-1800s. I suppose there is a good and bad side to this.

:} Cathryn/Elorithryn

Marc said...

Elor - that's actually a very interesting point. Though I suspect my hands will look pretty gnarly years down the road, as I don't bother too much with the lotions and creams :P