Tuesday December 27th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: babies.

Blame it on Natalie. Spending four days with a 3 month old was bound to start screwing with the prompts sooner or later.

I'm scheduling this one, as I have no way of knowing whether or not we'll have internet access at our hotel tonight.

I'll catch up with all the comments from the past week over the next few days.


It's not always there,
but when she shares it with us
her smile hugs our hearts.

*     *     *

The scream is piercing,
the messes are unending,
but still we want one.


Greg said...

I like your first haiku better this week I think. As for your second haiku: I recommend picking one up once its been house-trained and hold a conversation – much easier on your nerves :-P

They remade this film
With a cast of babies now?
The Thing seems too small.


I am feeling old
I swear they staff my Starbucks
With kids and babies....

Cathryn Leigh said...

Well then guess my story is done for now Ha HA! Hmm... babies. I actually agree with Greg. Don't get me wrong I love my kids, but yeah, the baby years are hard. My son can still be difficult at 4, but my daughter at 6 is mostly excellent (you can reason with her and she doesn't expect instant results). :}
Anyway two haiku about babies eh?


Nine months have passed by
The baby eats, poops, and cries
When will she grow up?

* * *

Our daughter is grown
I remember long ago
I changed her diapers

Anonymous said...

awww, a top topic, marc.
good entries, greg and cl.


Babies - haiku

babies are the best
medicine for happiness
so I discovered

their laughter enchants
their minds are eager to learn
we should be like them

Intrepid Song said...


Soft supple fresh touch
grasping to find and to know
what the world will give.

The Mobile

Eyes of deep dark brown
stare curiously above
polka-dot animals spin

Marc said...

Greg - hah, I can definitely relate to your second haiku :D

Elor - bah, I'm sure you could have found a way to tie this prompt into your tale :P

Enjoyed the contrast between your two poems. Kinda sums up the parenting paradox, I reckon.

Writebite - totally agree with your second one. Think the world would be a lot happier.

Intrepid Song - welcome to the blog, thanks for stopping by!

Enjoyed both of your takes, the second one in particular for the great imagery.