Saturday December 24th, 2011

The exercise:

The second last day of Christmas week would very much like you to write a four line poem about: Santa. Though if you're trying to continue your story I'll understand if you need to go beyond those constraints.

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you all enjoy a happy and safe day tomorrow, with lots of loved ones around and maybe a few nice presents under the tree too.

Up north with Kat and her family. Hopefully I get net access up there, because this is all I had time to schedule before leaving Osoyoos!


He's hiding in the bushes,
Like a kid playing hide-and-seek.
But what's he really doing?
Let's gather 'round and hear him speak.


Anonymous said...

greg, re snowballs, yes, all correct assumptions :)



That invention of Coca Cola’s
- this man in a red suit,
should’ve been Saint Nicholas,
or lady Befana, better still, in truth.

Greg said...

@Writebite: I haven't heard anyone else mention the Befana since I was studying Italian! I definitely agree Christmas would be much more interesting centred around her.

@Marc: Santa's hiding from Rosa, isn't he? Go on, you can tell us!

Santa's armed with cocktails,
Hunting a murderous Elf,
Frosty's got a turkey baster,
And needs defending from himself!

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc, you just keep making these harder on me. Are you doing that on purpose? *mock glare*

Now I have to figure out how to rescue Noah and Tina from the cold snow and reference Santa at the same time.

@Greg that last line just made me laugh out loud. :}

Noah’s in the cold white fluff and Tina cannot fly.
Julia has no faerie sight to pluck them from the snow.
Where is Emily to help them out in her bright red coat?
But, wait there’s Nick, a saintly elf, to rescue them from oak.

Marc said...

Writebite - yeah, I think Christmas would be much more interesting with either of those options.

Greg - quite the pair you've got hunting the homicidal elf. I'm certain they'll find a way to succeed though!

Elor - yeah, I was really mean to you this week, wasn't I? Sorry! :D

Handled with a deft touch though :)