Saturday December 3rd, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the antique shop.

Kat and I were planning on going bowling with our farming friends this evening, but when we arrived at the alley they were closed for a private function. Rather disappointed, but we still had a good time hanging out and having drinks.

Still haven't managed to go bowling here yet though. Getting a little ridiculous.


Twilight, Biebs, Pokemon?
This garbage is not what I seek!
These bloody teenagers
Don't know the meaning of antique.


Greg said...

I'm pretty sure Pokémon is almost antique these days, wasn't it really an eighties thing? As for the other two... I thought you were trying to reject pop culture out there on your farm? :-P
Well, you know, you're not the only one who can reference this culture...

The Antique shop
Lady Gaga in the antiques shop?
She's buying chamberpots and a chair.
She sees me staring and she shrugs a little,
"For my next show, this is what I'll wear!"

PS Bowling alleys do seem quite popular for private functions these days, don't they? There's a couple in London that have private rooms with a couple of lanes you can hire like that.

Anonymous said...

The Antique Shop

old irons, a grandfather clock
crystal goblets, a child run amok
rose gold hat pins, all take stock
old ghosts find voice in the antique shop

Aaron said...

Greg do play skittles? I remember playing it behind a pub when I visited England when I was a boy. All we have is bowling in america
Anyways here's what I got. 2 poems

We turned the old couple's house
Into an antique store
The couple had died in a house
filled with old things

When shopping for antiques
One must hunt, eat, and sleep
Hunt treasure eat critiques
And sleep..............hEh WHat!?

Marc said...

Greg - I could quite easily picture Lady Gaga in that scene, saying exactly that.

Writebite - love that final line. Very nicely done.

Aaron - I quite like your first one. Could see a fun little story developing out of that...