Saturday December 17th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: generosity.

And we're officially done with the farmers market until May. We're offering what we have left (mostly spaghetti squash) at a deep discount to our local customers this weekend, and then the farm business is being put to bed until things start growing in the greenhouse again.

I have to say I'm looking forward to the break.


He'll give you the shirt
Right off of his back,
But if you keep it
He will knife attack.


Greg said...

Was the market good then? And will be getting a little review of your farming year then, since it was your first one?
Heh, what seemed like a nice little poem suddenly turns vicious at the end! It made me smile :)

He's generous to a fault,
He gives away lots of money,
But locked downstairs in his vault,
Are his wife, his kids, and his mummy.

Anonymous said...

marc, yes, your ending was greg-esque!
greg, clever!


our friends say he's too generous
he gives to the younger set
but he thinks it would be onerous
if they couldn't now gain benefit

Cathryn Leigh said...

Marc and Greg, your poetry is not at all unicorns and sunshine. I'm appalled! :P

So I shall have to counter you with a poem to my grandmother. :}

The family had little upon which to live
A garden growing staples, one hunting trip a year
But for all her children's friends
there was room at her table, for she was Mother B

gada said...


the best thing to give
presents, money, are all nice
but what about
a second chance at life

Anonymous said...

gada, brilliant

Marc said...

Greg - it was pretty slow again, but we managed to sell all of the potatoes we brought. But with the big order we delivered for our customer that called earlier in the week, it made for a reasonably successful end to the season.

A farming year in review? I'll have to think about that one.

Mummy as in mother, or as in mummy? Either way, fun poem :)

Writebite - yeah, he's a bad influence on me :P

I like you character's attitude :)

Elor - careful, I might just end up writing about a unicorn named Rainbow now :P

Sounds like you've got a great grandmother :)

Gada - I'll second Writebite, that was very nicely done.

Cathryn Leigh said...

Greg - sadly my grandmother passed away two years ago now, she did have the chance to be a great-grandmother for four years. I think my daughter might remember her a little bit, my son, not so much (he only saw her twice). She was an amazing woman, though there are definitely some skeletons in her closet. *grin*

As to the Unicorn named Rainbow, you might be steeling that from my very own Rainbow Isalnd... a story that got way further in my head (I think) back in elementary/middle school than it ever has on paper or Protagonize. :}