Thursday December 15th, 2011

The exercise:

Write about: the candidate.

We are once again covered in snow. Seeing as we're halfway through December now, I suppose I can accept that.


They're looking for a sure bet,
So they're casting a wide net;
From penthouses to gutters,
From college grads to nutters.

So deeply desperate to win,
They'll even dabble in sin.
Their chosen man may be young,
But he's got the devil's tongue.


Greg said...

This wasn't the decorative snow that lands for a little while, invites you take pictures, and leaves again then? It feels cold enough for snow over here, but it's still rain for the moment.
Great little poem, though the scansion seems slightly off on the first line of the second stanza. That could well be an accent thing though, given desperate can be pronounced a few ways.

The candidate
"What's the poster for?" Nicky watched as Jermander attached another one to the wall using a left-over trident. The handle stuck out quite a long way, posing a hazard to normal people right at throat height, but there were very few normal people at Gorillamumps.
"I'm announcing my candidacy for House President," said Jermander. He looked round; Nicky still looked a little glassy from being pinned to a wall by an ice trident for eighteen hours on Assault Day.
"Do you have a manifesto?" Dr. Muppet, who was rumoured to be the love-child of a yeti and anteater had wandered up and was peering at the poster a little bleary-eyed. Nicky squeaked and tried to hide behind Jermander.
"I think it's manifestly obvious that I should win!" Jermander's teeth lengthened, a sure sign that he was nervous.
"Ho," said Dr. Muppet, which might have been laughter. "Then how do you intend to get people to vote for you, Candidate Jermander?"

Cathryn Leigh said...

Marc – are you making fun of our election process down here in the states? (If so a big thumbs up) *giggles*

Greg – your cast of characters, is erm... interesting and I’m suddenly thinking of the Misfit toys. I think I’ll stay away from your candidate though. No need to get hypnotized. *grin*

Now my candidates are a bit different, for I’m off to Vervell in search of men to become hopefuls. IN fact, Actually I think I’ll go back in time to when Jason descided to up and join... and look who Dad made him bring with he... *giggles* :}

The Candidate
“There is nothing you can say to change my mind mother,” Jason stood at the door, ready to leave.
“But the Gods,” his mother’s hands flourished with frustration, “are surely asking you to be a Knight.”
“The Gods are doing no such thing,” bitterness crept into his voice and he regretted it. He stepped towards his mother and took her hands and looked into her eyes. “I know you hate not understanding, maybe someday I can explain it to you. But for now, just pray I do well and am accepted.”
His mother pursed her lips. “You should be a Knight, your faith...”
“Arthur is the Knight, I will be the Scout,” Jason stated.
“So you are going through with it?”
Jason turned and faced his father, back straight. “I am.”
“Good then take Gregory, perhaps they can use him to.”
“What?” Gregory looked up from where he was devouring a late breakfast.
“Don’t worry Gregory,” Arthur smiled, “I sincerely doubt they’ll find you to be a good candidate to become a Hopeful.”

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I was going with desperate as two syllables. Probably should have avoided it altogether though.

Really liked that 'which might have been laughter' line :D

Elor - nah, just scribbling random thoughts down. Not that I'm averse to poking fun at that silliness :)

Made me smile to see Jason's mother flourishing her hands even back then :)

Cathryn Leigh said...

Marc - everyone in Vervell knows about her hand flourishes... Okay not everyone, but Sarah's knowing turned out to be very useful in the third book *giggles* :}