Saturday December 10th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the eclipse.

We had a lunar eclipse here this morning around the same time I was loading up the truck to go to the market. So, of course, my poem is about a solar eclipse. I can be like that sometimes.

The market itself was rather... slow. Not a lot of people, not a lot of sales. But it was good to sell off some of our excess potatoes and squash.


Don't stare at the eclipse!
Leave that choice up to me.
It's really pretty, don't you...
Aaagh, my eyes! I can't see!


Greg said...

It's always nice when nature provides things like eclipses at times when we're awake, instead of making us sit up all hours waiting for them! Although it does make me wonder how early you were up to load up the truck if the moon was still out.
Your poem made me laugh even though I could see what was coming straight-away. Nicely done!

The eclipse
On a cast-iron bridge across the Seine,
She paused and looked into the fast-flowing water.
She said, "I think our souls are in eclipse,"
And I agreed, quite tired, with my daughter.

Anonymous said...

marc, sorry, i made this prose, couldn't stick to four lines here ( unruly brigand i am)

The Eclipse

I recall one in October,
'76, it was,
the year we met.
We were outside in the garden,
the sky darkened unnaturally.
For ten minutes or so
the world inverted senselessly,
its eerieness reminding me
of countless Good Fridays spent in church,
hearing a story I no longer believe in.
Omens, they say, are the products
of eclipses.
Nah, it's pot luck, in my opinion,
this fate thing, so depart
from superstition,
and when light returns,
get on with your day.

Inez said...

Thought I'd join the ride . . ;)

How to eclipse a paper moon
cast in a cardboard sky:
Snare it with a fishing line,
hook caught by an eye.

Marc said...

Greg - too early. And too cold out.

Neat little scene you've created in your poem. Could even be expanded, if the desire and time exist.

Writebite - I'll allow it. This time :P

Quite like the attitude behind the poem, and loved the description of the eclipse itself.

Inez - all aboard! :)

Lovely rhythm and imagery in your poem. Really captured my imagination.