Tuesday December 20th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: naughty or nice.

I was considering giving myself an early Christmas present by skipping Two Haiku Tuesday this week, but then inspiration finally struck. So my story continues on! Will yours?

Hmm, more snow outside. Again.



They may not know where
to find Santa, but they were
extremely helpful!

*     *     *


Too helpful, if you
ask me. I say those reindeer
are up to no good.


Greg said...

I always think of two-haiku Tuesday as the easy day, as there's only six lines to write!
I keep wanting to scream out to Miguel "She's right next to you! She did it! Rosa!" Still, at least he's suspicious of someone :)

Naughty or nice
Cooking reindeer is
Surely naughty at Christmas;
But Carl is a Lapp.


The Elf is coming,
It's been an age; he's hungry.
So: naughty or nice?

Cathryn Leigh said...

Yikes the Haikus again... hm, I might use Marc’s idea and have each character say one... or... I’m going to sit and think for a bit. Okay so Greg thinks this is easy. I’m saying it’s HARD. :P *giggles*

Naughty or Nice

A woman steps out
Bundled against the cold air
She stands and pauses

Emerging as well
Two teens, one naughty, one nice
Is one Emily?

Marc said...

Greg - I consider it easy too, unless I'm trying to continue a story :P

I had to look up Lapp, but even before that I liked your first one best.

Elor - yeah, it's a tough form to squeeze into a story, but I think you managed it very nicely!