Monday May 14th, 2012

The exercise:

Let us see what comes from: the egg.

It was a hot one today. Kat and I ended up sitting in the shade outside the new greenhouse this morning, potting up more seedlings. We had planned on doing work in the garden but the sun was set to broil and the greenhouse work badly needed doing anyway.

We took our first trip of the year to the beach this afternoon, relaxing under a tree before grabbing some gelato. It was good to have a proper break during this busy, busy time.


Abandoned by its creators,
It sits upon the forest floor;
Vibrating ever so slightly,
It dances to an unheard score.

Suddenly a slight crack appears,
A black line upon its red shell;
No souls are here to bear witness,
But perhaps that is just as well.

The creature within is silent,
Watching and waiting for a sign;
It will not step beyond its cage
Until I come to make it mine.


Anonymous said...

The Egg

she dropped by, unexpectedly
she was grateful for the help I gave her 
- I gave her her mother back for but a moment
she carried a gift bag
she gave it to me
inside, carefully wrapped in pink tissue
was the egg
selenite crystal, it was
shards of white light travelled along its length
I held it, it vibrated
my hands got hot
I put it to my forehead
it buzzed
it shot a ray of light into my head
down my spine
through my feet
a healer’s crystal
bringing balance and energy to a tired frame
full of promise
I used it for months
it stopped buzzing when I felt restored
now it sits, resting
the queen of all the crystals I have stored

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc - your poem make me think of Pernese Dragons, well you’ll see why in my end note.

@Write - very nice. I like the last line.

The Egg

Resting upon the hot sands
Golden Queen protecting
The egg waits for hatching

The candidates come
Dressed all in white
Their feet dancing

Dragons gather around the cavern
Humming from deep in their throats
Rocking the eggs awake

A single crack, a hatching is free
Bronze for good luck
Beelines to his match

Happy faces wet with tears
Even those who leave unpaired
It is Impression Day!

Inspired by Anne McCaffrey’s Pern, and though she passed away last November I still mourn, for her books mean a lot to me, and now she'll never know.

Greg said...

@Writebite: beautiful sentiment, I think.

@Cathryn: I thought of the Pernese dragons as well when I read Marc's! I don't think you're alone in regretting the loss of Anne McCaffrey. I think your poem catches the spirit of her dragons very well.

@Marc: I like the idea of the sun being set to broil :) The beach sounds lovely. Here in Estonia I appear to have taken the sun with me again, as the weather is great despite the locals telling me that they typically still expect snow at this time of year!
I really like the last verse of your poem, it has a hint of mystery to it that ends it very nicely.

The egg
Fried, boiled, scrambled, poached,
Benedict, Lyonnaise and raw;
I'll eat it almost anyhow
(But not from off your floor).
Served with toasty soldiers,
On spinach or en cocotte
Cold in Nicoise salads,
Or any way that's hot!

[Sorry it's short, I never have much time on these work trips.]

Morrigan Aoife said...

In the shade of a Banyan Tree sat Nathaniel Knox
He made a small campfire surrounded by rocks
Stuffing it chock full of leaves and some twigs
Before running into the woods in search of some pigs

But he found no meat for the fire on that wretched day
For he took the wrong path and was led quite astray
Then the ground gave way and he slid down a slope
Still falling Nathaniel had almost given up hope

His body was launched and flung off in the breeze
Badly battered and scratched by the branches of trees
But finally his aching body did come to rest
When it fell in the confines of a humungous nest

The egg it contained was quite a beautiful sight
He pushed and he pulled with all of his might
As he stole it away he never would have guessed
That the dragon inside would help on his quest

Marc said...

Writebite - lovely tale you weaved there, I really like it.

Cathryn - I was trying to think if I'd actually read those books or not, but then your poem reminded me that I had :)

Greg - Estonia! How long are you there for?

No need to apologize, I enjoyed it just the way it is :)

Morrigan - fun little story there. I suspect whoever he stole that egg from will not be pleased with poor Nathaniel!