Monday May 7th, 2012

The exercise:

Write about something that is: unexpected.

Kat and I were out in the garden again this morning, planting more carrots, lettuce, and stir fry greens. It was getting pretty hot by the end there - I guess summer might actually be lurking around the corner.

This afternoon I picked up our brand new banner, as designed by a farming friend in Cawston. It looks pretty amazing. We'll be testing out how best to attach it to our market tent this week, so I'll try to remember to get a picture. It'll definitely add a really nice touch to our display.

Very, very pleased with it.


The flowers I saw coming a mile away. Same with the offer to pay for dinner and then subsequently the movie. An awkward kiss goodnight, of course, and then promises to do it all again soon - or at least something similar.

Together, that was the important part.

I knew the phone call the next day would arrive at some point, though I wasn't sure if it would be morning, afternoon, or night. It was difficult to tell what sort he'd turn out to be in that respect, but I was confident I'd see his number on my caller ID before the day was over.

Though I will admit that when I answered I was not expecting to hear someone claiming to be his wife screaming at me.


Greg said...

All those vegetables sound delicious! I had a salad with sorrel and chickweed yesterday, and your stir-fry greens immediately reminded me of that. Oh, and I definitely want to see this banner!
Heh, I like the little twist at the end of this one, that made me smile even though the coffee-machine may be broken....

The unexpected
Bright lights, so white
That I wish I'd brought sunglasses.
But they'd look really weird
Paired with a paper gown.
Quiet voices and the scratch
Of pen on paper on a medical chart.
A doctor enters, smiles hesitantly,
"I'm sorry, I don't know where to start,"
And so I cut him off.
"It's cancer, the big C,
And I've been living with it for a year,"
Living with it in fear.
"Well that's the thing,"
He looks confused, yet... elated?
"It's completely in remission now."
Well, that was unexpected.

morganna said...

The detective waited inside the darkened house for the suspects. He had been tracking them for over a year, following their activity, trying to find their hiding place. Finally, he had found it. They were late coming back tonight, they must have stopped to celebrate their big heist they pulled off earlier in the day. But they didn't know he was after them. Soon, they would come back, unsuspecting, and walk into the trap he had laid for them. Hour after hour he waited for them, motionless. No sign of them. He was sure he had the right house. After five hours, he shifted his right leg. And at that moment, he heard them coming up the steps. And then he heard two thumps, and a rustle. There was silence. He flung open the front door and stared out into the empty street. Two beer bottles at the bottom of the steps glinted in the street lamp's light. Those hadn't been there before. He'd missed them again.

Cathryn Leigh said...

Time got away from me unexpectedly and now I must rush off for my cavity filling... the hjoys have taking a 10+ year break from the dentist's office. But I was in there weekly all though school with braces and what not!

*giggles and grins*
:} Elo-Cathryn {:

Krystin Scott said...

Instead of stepping across the threshold Milo looked to his right. I followed his gaze as it ventured to the door of the adjacent cottage and scaled the front of the building before finally reaching the attic window, my attic window.

I had meant to close the lacy curtains and retreat into the shadows, but curiosity had gotten the better of me. Now here I was mesmerized by Milo Macabre’s depthless stare. A silent observer of a magical event I found myself wishing I had never witnessed.

I shuddered and a wry smile crept its way across his face. He looked almost jolly with his cheeks a cold blushing pink and his eyes twinkling in the reflection of the magic blue light. He never spoke, but mouthed the words, tomorrow 9:00 am. As he did I heard them resonating in my mind like an inescapable echo. Unconsciously I nodded once showing my understanding then Milo turned his attention back to the shop and disappeared into its dark interior.

Marc said...

Greg - oh dear! I hope an emergency replacement machine is found before a grumpy, sleepy-eyed riot starts!

Great imagery in your poem, with an ending I did not see coming.

Morganna - you are just creating a whole world around those two! I'm loving it :D

Cathryn - ugh, been there done that. Best of luck!

And I did get your email. I'll have to reply tomorrow, sorry about that.

Krystin - you've got me hook, line, and sinker now. Patiently (or not so much) waiting for more.