Saturday May 12th, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: shade/shades/shady.

I seem to be big on multiple choice prompts lately. Probably my tired brain refusing to make a decision.

The first market went pretty well this morning. Managed to sell quite a few tomato plants, which will free up more room in the greenhouse for... more tomato plants! Hurray.

Kat and I requested a new stall location this year, as our old spot got way too much sun. Our greens were wilting and looking entirely unappetizing almost before the market opened each week. It's only one market in, but I'm loving our new spot - much shadier, more central (so we'll actually feel more a part of things, whereas before we were at the very end of the market), and we're beside the baker we always get our bread from.

Plus, on the other side of him is the lady who sells coffee. Pretty ideal overall, I'd say.


Sunshine afternoon,
Lounging under a tree;
Watching butterflies,
Picking daisies for me.


Greg said...

That's good news about the market, being between bread and coffee has to be a great location! I can quite see why a very sunny spot isn't ideal for people selling vegetables too.
Heh, I like that your sold tomato plants are just making room for more tomato plants :)
And that's a lovely, peaceful four lines of prose. Very soothing!

His cap is turned back to front,
And his pants are belted round his knees,
He shuffles awkwardly, can barely walk,
And thanks to his shades he can barely see.

Anonymous said...

his shade flickered in
a ghost coming into view
silhouette a-forming
his voice screamed out 'boo!'

Krystal Grandt said...

Hi Marc, I just discovered Blogger and I'm trying to find ways to navigate the site to find people with similar interests--I'm glad I'm stumbled onto your page. Here's a go in limerick form for fun (I'm no poet):

Tommy wore large shades on his face,
Because he thought they made him look ace,
Little did he know, as the cool breeze did blow,
That the sunburns would never erase!

Morrigan Aoife said...

She stood at the place where he was laid,
Then out of the mist emerged the shade.
A hollow ghostly image of the former man,
It was then that Stella hatched her plan.

Marc said...

Greg - ah, that's a great picture you've painted with your poem :)

Writebite - I like to think of your shade as having a playful sense of humor, rather than trying to be really scary :D

Krystal - hello and welcome! Glad you found your way here :)

Love the poem, that's a great image to end with.

Morrigan - ooh, an intriguing beginning. Care to continue?

Cathryn Leigh said...

Darn it I thought I posted a comment, but it seems to have gotten lost *sigh* Now I can't even remember the poem. *pout*

Oh well, guess I"ll go on to Sunday's prompt. :}