Saturday May 26th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: trust.

We had a better than expected market this morning. It was certainly a beautiful day, but we were surprised to find ourselves so busy. Plus we're still selling mainly plants (tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, squash, and the start of our peppers) and we keep thinking people will have filled up their garden spaces by now.

Happy to be proved wrong.


I trust my abilities,
Surely first place lies in store.
Second place!?
I guess he trusted his a little more.


Greg said...

Heh, there probably will be another deadline, but I'll be much better prepared to deal with it, so it won't (hopefully!) be so bad.
The market sounds like it was good. Selling seedlings first and then vegetables later on seems like a pretty good business model!
I like the hint of nefarious doings in the last line of your poem, it reminds me that "people make their own luck"!

He was from Yorkshire and a boatbuilder by trade,
We called him Noah and joked he couldn't get laid,
But when I found him crying, and asked why he fussed
He pointed to a boat, and just said "T' rust."

Anonymous said...

greg, nice twist and word play


each day we trust the sun will rise
but if chaos reigns, 'twill be our demise
we cannot worry o'er what we don't know
just float awash in ebb and flow

Iron Bess said...

My suckedness at poetry seems to be at the highest point ever this morning. With red face I submit mine here.

Yesterday the possibilites were all around,
Now puddles lie and dreams are bust.
The unrelenting rain, the air is moisture bound,
No painting now this you can trust.

Aholiab said...


I'm still lingering over my prose about "linger". *sigh* My garden this year consists of herbs and strawberries - I picked 2 this morning. Glad to hear about your plant sales; we will have to pick up our veggies at our truck farm.


The world is not so scary
When she wraps her tiny fingers around mine.
We wave at the lifeguard
Then step into the cool water.

sam said...

Hello! I'm new here, but intrigued... I found strawberry and tomato plants from last year, thriving, in my garden yesterday, surprised that they came back. I just hope the squirrels don't get my strawberries, or apricots, this year...


Light fades quickly like a cloud passing in front of the sun.
Yesterday’s uneaten bagel lies in wait, on the table, cracked.
The air is sweet and thick; it smells like honey.
I will wait for trust.

Watermark said...


We might run towards something,
Or we might run away,
Either way trust in nothing,
for the game we must play!

Morrigan Aoife said...

Oh Yay! Look at all thse new and returning people we have to play with. =)


The damaging secret must be kept
Button your lips and hunker down
For once the wrong ears intercept
With lightning speed it travels town

Sister Christian said...


Thirty furtive faces
Glancing roundabout
Who is friend, and who is foe?
Today we'll find that out!

Anonymous said...

@ sam, like your poetry format on your blog

Anonymous said...

@ morrigan, brilliant as always

Marc said...

My goodness! It's good to see some familiar faces again, as well as a new visitor :)

Greg - haha, fun poem :)

Writebite - lovely sentiment.

Iron Bess - know what I like best about that? The fact that you're obviously not happy with it, but you shared it anyway :)

Hurray for practice!

Aholiab - good to see you again! Our strawberries are in full blossom, with a few plants starting to form fruit. Can't wait for them to start producing.

Mmm, you really painted a picture with that one. Very nice.

Sam - hello and welcome!

That's a pleasant surprise :) And wildlife is great, right up until they start eating our food. We have to net our strawberries to keep the birds out.

I love your final line.

Watermark - good to see you again!

There's a bittersweet atmosphere to your poem that I quite like.

Morrigan - glad I'm not the only one who's excited :)

A story lurking in just four lines of poetry. Love it!

Sister C - long time no see!

Great poem, love the rhythm. I see another story waiting to be told as well :)